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    The ancient Egyptians didn't have ultrasound but they still figured out how to determine the gender of a baby - sort of.

    By urinating on wheat and barley seeds. If barley grew, it meant that it was a male child. If wheat grew, it was a female child. If neither grew, it meant that she wasn’t pregnant.

    Guessing is right 50% of the time, right? Nonetheless, in modern testing the barley pissing had a 70% success rate.

    Credit and link: OMG facts

    A Timeline of Pregnancy Testing - History.NIH.Gov, yes, a government website is running, one of the few the administration did not shut down out of spite.

    Source: Ancient Egyptians had a pregnancy test that predicted the sex of the baby 70% of the time! - OMG facts


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    You have to wonder how someone ever notices that sort of thing in the first place.   How would it ever occur to, I suppose, some priest to do the experiments it would take to figure it out? 
    Science advances as much by mistakes as by plans.

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