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    By Martin Gardiner | February 22nd 2012 08:06 AM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Does wearing makeup increase waitress’ tips? Researchers at the Université de Bretagne Sud, and the Université du Maine, France, recently performed a field experiment (with two waitresses) to find out. Two hundred and seventy-four restaurant customers (186 males and 98 females) were randomly assigned into two groups. One group was attended by waitresses who were wearing makeup: “In the makeup condition, the beautician applied makeup to the eyes, cheeks and lips in a way that enhanced the attractiveness of each waitress.” The other group were also served by the same two waitresses – but this time they were makeup-free.

    “In this study we found that men patrons gave tips more favorably to waitresses who wore makeup and, when they did so, they gave a large amount of money.”

    Leading the authors to go on to make an enigmatic recommendation:

    “It would be interesting for women’s restaurant employees to use facial makeup to enhance their physical attractiveness and then, in return, to enhance their incomes especially in bars or restaurant where men used to go.“

    •See: ‘Waitresses’ facial cosmetics and tipping: A field experiment’ published in the March 2010 issue of the International Journal of Hospitality Management.


    Bonny Bonobo alias Brat
    Interesting article Martin. It would also be interesting to see if being a good waitress increased waitress' tips regardless of whether they are wearing makeup or not wouldn't it? Its even possible that wearing makeup made waitresses feel better and consequently they automatically waitressed better? Another study could be done with waitresses within a prescribed weight range (ie not too fat or skinny) all not wearing makeup but half of them wearing mini skirts and the other half wearing trousers. So many possible permutations before anything really can be deduced or inferred!
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    Research the obvious, ha ha. In Taiwan, woman that sell betel nuts to long distance truck drivers have been forbidden from wearing miniskirts, apparently because it caused too many accidents. Profits went down, so they protested their right to flaunt it again. Women's rights! ;-)