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    By Oliver Knevitt | November 2nd 2011 02:23 PM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    ...but don't worry, I'm not stopping blogging at Science 2.0! So really, this is just shameless self promotion. Especially since the new blog has nothing to do with science - it's history, or humour - but it's been rather lonely there for the first few days of its existence, so I thought I'd undertake a little "marketing".

    I've always had a love of the old satirical magazine Punch, and after I unexpectedly found myself in a secondhand bookshop the other week, I unexpectedly found some old Punch anthologies, and rather unexpectedly found myself buying a load of them. I got rather addicted to reading them, and so I thought I'd start a blog where I could post a little snippet every day.

    Each post is like a little vignette into a different era. At the moment, being as we are approaching Armistice day, I'm posting something from this day in 1918.

    Anyway, it is called Punch-A-Day, and it can be found here, at . There'll be a pint waiting at the Old Horse on Friday for the first person who comments.

    Here's the cartoon from today's Punch-A-Day, documenting the day when women were finally allowed to become MPs.

    This was the source of much amusement to Punch,
    “No doubt in time,” says The Westminster Gazette, “we shall get used to women sitting in Parliament.” It will be interesting to note is any Member of Parliament will be gallant enough to give up his seat to a lady. 
    Anyway, self promotion over! I'll be back to the science within a day or so.



    No comment. Just registering a visit in case still feeling lonely. Appreciation implied. My daughter is a Rock Psychologist (joint geology/psychology). And thank you for finally satisfying my curiosity about those dyslectics' delights, as below......
    Will call in another time - like the science blog.

    Oliver Knevitt
    Thanks very much, Anonymous! Appreciation is much appreciated, even when it comes anonymously.