The funniest thing I have read lately.
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    The funniest thing I have read lately.

    Ben Elton's new Britcom 'The Wright Way' has been panned by critics.  It is about a health and safety team in the fictitious borough of Baselricky.

    One review I read, by The Guardian's Charlie Brooker, makes mock of 'The Wright Way' and then goes on to wax lyrical about 'elf n'safety' in general.  It is a very good read: I literally laughed out loud.
    One of the major criticisms of The Wright Way, apart from the title and scripting and performances and set design and soundtrack and ambience and positioning of each individual pixel making up the overall image, is the main character's chosen career.


    A future filled with plastic firearms-on-demand doesn't sound too rosy to me, although on the plus side I guess the next generation will be shit-hot at ducking.

    Charlie Brooker

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