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    If I was an ultraviolet absorption researcher at the University of Virginia, I could be the proud author of the title, "UVA on UVA at UVA." For more of vanity's sake,---I hope not---I assembled a list of my articles a few weeks ago when I thought the well was running dry. Then suddenly I got a few more fun ideas. For writers out there who may be experiencing similar blogger's block, and who have not already organized their output, give it a try to see if a similar coincidence unfolds for you. Of course, you could find any chemistry or physics-related article from finer authors at Science 2.0 in a chronological list under the "physical sciences" heading, or you could see the chemistry articles directly from here or there for physics. Meanwhile here's my compilation.

    Relativistic Effects In Your Wedding Ring

    Chirality Beyond Breaking Bad

    Obscure Molecules In Familiar Smells

    Tracing Cocaine And Heroin With Carbon Isotopes

    How To Make Viagra

    Even When Pure, Water Is Blue

    The Beauty of Chemicals

    Double Magic Numbers: Not Always Guaranteed Stability

    From Breasts To Structural Formulas


    Cannabis Science And Adventures

    One Man's Weed Is Another Man's Science

    How Many Genes Does It Take To Make A Single Opium Molecule?

    Tomatoes: GM, Aroma And Tradition

    Autumn Leaf Chemistry: More Than Just Eye Candy

    Thyme: Cavities Fighter And Honeybee Protector

    Why Weeds Are Tough

    The Botany And Chemistry Of German Chamomile Tea


    The Etymology And Drugs Of Parsley


    No Lions And Witches---The Pantry Leads To Chemistry

    How To Remove Graffiti

    Monsters From The Armpits

    Flames To Ashes: Campfire Science

    Plastics Chemists: Don't Be Ashamed

    Science-Spiced Money-Saving Tips

    Chemistry Of The Penny: Influenced By Economics And Medicine

    The Science And Tradition Of Winemaking

    Lady Liberty’s Green Veneer: As Complex As Freedom

    Battery Chemistry With Money-Saving Tips

    The Chemistry Of Light Bulbs—And Why CFLs Are Overrated

    Swimming Pool Chemistry: Backyard Perils And Experiments

    Becoming A Culinary Chemist


    Blood Pressure And Gut Bacteria

    The Alcohol-Cancer Connection

    Neutralization In Sexual Intercourse

    Implant-Chemistry And Adventures

    DDT Stopped Typhus In Naples: A Personal Look

    Triclosan Versus Bogus Natural Toothpaste: Extreme Attitudes Towards Lab Molecules

    Preventing Hospital Blunders

    Maple Leaf Foods Tries a Little Make-Belief

    The Bogus Practice Of Detox

    Black Mamba Spice: A Cannabinoid Cocktail

    Using Oneself As A Guinea Pig

    Can A Man Give Birth? Sure, To Kidney Stones

    Homeopathy: Witchcraft Is Not An Alternative

    One Man's Pill Is Another Cat's Poison--And Marijuana's Link To Tylenol

    Modified Palm Oil In Cheap Chocolate

    The Misleading Water Filtration Salesman

    Preparing for a Colonoscopy: Chemistry&Personal Observations

    Nitrite In The Hot Dogs Of My Youth


     What's in their names is in Spica and Pork Chops

    A Homeschooling Guide To Doing Chemistry

    Student Places Chemistry Above the Hoop

    From Bold Ideas To Nobel Prizes To The Classroom

    Reflections On "Breaking Bad"

    Why Scary Lab Accidents Happen

    Classic Experiment For Young Scientists

    School Year Ended With A Bang

    A Mystery Mixture

    Science Dimensions On A Baseball Diamond

    Revisiting Le Chatelier's Principle

    Dr V: The So-Called Bad Professor I Admired

    Nitroglycerin In The Park Of My Youth

    Pressure Gradients: No Sucking Involved

    Diaper Rash Ointment Eliminates Need for Recreational Drugs

    The Subtleties Of The Volumetric Pipet

    Snow, Chemistry And The Spirit Of Christmas

    Molecular Reincarnation


    Changing Ideas About The Origin Of Life

    Finding Your Keys: What Neuroscience Reveals

    Calculating An Animal's Blood-Volume Without Killing It

    LSD Precursor From Baker’s Yeast

    Boron Plays No Boring Role in Quorum Sensing

    Biology's Best Kept Secret


    Smaller Space Rocks Sneak In and Blow Up

    Fusing Modern Physics With a Dated Curriculum

    Wasp On Deck Applied Physics

    Hey, Don't Disrespect Galileo!

    National Hockey League Ignores Physics But Loves Ancient Roman Arenas

    Something Positive in a Neutron Star

    Turning a Shadow into a Latitude

    Thoughts About Astronomy While Tobogganing


    Viral Ecology

    Superhero And Supervillain Molecules

    Digging Under CO2 Numbers

    Radical Math And The Green Curriculum: Bad Ideas

    A Primer On Floating Ice And Supraglacial Lakes

    The Nuances Of Coral Bleaching

    One More Reason To Like An Invasive Species

    Hydroelectricity: Quebec's Real Power

    Made In China: PM2.5 Pollution From Ammonia

    Ozone: A 2011 Update And A History Of Screwy Computer Models

    Global Warming Quiz: Science, Economics And Non-Hippie Solutions

    Tough Zoloft Shows Green Catalysts Still Need Fine Tuning


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    Good suggestion. My blogroll section was empty, so I added yours and included my index.
    Nice and tidy compilation! :-) Even educational.
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    Nice and tidy compilation! 
    Thank you, Bente. 
     Even educational.
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