Christmas Party For Science 2.0 Bloggers?
    By Enrico Uva | December 19th 2012 12:12 PM | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Naturally, while some Northerners spend their winter holidays in warmer latitudes, some sun-soaked people spend their Christmas holidays skiing in snowy mountains. To most ears, a voice advising them to enjoy what they already have is like an old snack-crackle-and pop recording from yesteryear.

    Science feels like that too at times. What's already known is lusterless to seasoned practitioners and their followers. Besides, no one can make a career out of exploring and rehashing the old....oh wait, teachers do that! In fairness to scientists there is, aside from the prosaic, egotistical drives, a desire to find better explanations and knowledge that could make the world a better and more stimulating place to meander through from birth to death...

    Since there are bloggers here from all over the planet, there's little hope for a Christmas party. But if you are like me, there are two things you like more than parties: avoiding them and going to the dentist.  (You may laugh, but that's what I did instead of going to our Christmas party at my real workplace. And my new dentist was great. She explained every step of the procedure including the 470 nm light-activated polymerization used to prepare the composite . Her even younger assistant was so vivacious that she was almost bouncing off the walls, and strangely she actually messaged my shoulder while I was being injected with lidocaine. If you live long enough, you witness all sorts of strange things that you once deemed improbable.)

    I'm getting sidetracked.....I love the snow, but my family doesn't. A pre-written chemistry article will be released during the holidays only because my dog got sick in the middle of the night, keeping me out of bed since 1 AM.

    To all bloggers and readers, then, have an enjoyable and enlightening holiday.