I confess. 

I am not a big fan of tea. 

I really want to like tea for some reason, perhaps its health benefits.

I have attended my daughters' imaginary tea parties.

I have even had tea at the world famous Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C., Canada and enjoyed the food very much...but not so much the tea.

I just don't like the flavor with the exception of green tea.

Given my feelings about tea, perhaps it is then no surprise that I am even more lacking in fondness for The Tea Party that sort of newish kind of political extremist group that is like an ever-growing questionable mole on the keister of the Republican Party here in America. The Republicans just seemingly can't escape from The Tea Party, but as anyone can see it is very bad for them. An excision is in order and would greatly increase the chances of the Republicans unseating Obama in 2012, but annulling the shotgun marriage of the GOP and the Tea Party just doesn't seem to be in the tea leaves...err, cards.

Wait, so what does tea or the Tea Party have to do with stem cells?

The Tea Party wants to be known for its fiscally conservative nature, but it has some other baggage such as extremist anti-science ideas promoted by folks such as Bachmann. One of these is anti-embryonic stem cell litmus testing of Republican candidates that is an implicit part of their "pro-life pledge", who mostly fall in line. 

If the Republicans had more of either backbone or common sense, they would dump the Tea Party and nominate someone like Jon Huntsman to be their candidate. Huntsman may have some positions that I am not that fond of (I discuss him from a scientist's point of view here), but the guy is smart, pro-science, relatively balanced, logical, and just plain normal. 

Instead, at the top of the polling is Rick Perry, most well-known for executing more prisoners (likely some innocent) than anyone else and for getting an adult stem cell treatment about which there are some puzzling aspects.

So the Republicans seem intent upon throwing away their great chance at having Congress and the Presidency. I'm happy about that.

If Obama wins re-election in 2012, I may just have to drink a full cup of tea and maybe I'll even raise my pinky in tribute to the Tea Party and how they scuttled the GOP's chances and how that may very well help millions of people by preserving NIH, research in general, and stem cell research in particular.