Want to get an iPad?  You don't need to go buy one today but don't wait until 2020 - with all of the hysteria about Peak Oil no one is thinking about an issue a lot more pressing, namely the shortage of indium tin oxide, which may have only have a 10 year supply remaining.

Indium is found in zinc deposits and is used to create indium tin oxide which is used to create touchscreens because it is transparent yet conducts electricity.

Will the free market solve this problem?  Of course it will and carbon nanotubes will most likely be the solution but it may take 8 years even for HTML 5 to be adopted so if researchers want to make CNTs ready for prime-time in touchscreens they'd better get moving.    In the meantime, researchers are working on ways to make the indium tin oxide supply last longer, like by making thinner layers.