Vegetarian Diet Dooms Olympians
    By Hank Campbell | July 28th 2012 11:51 PM | 11 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    Chinese athletes had been warned by the country's Sports Ministry to avoid meat because it may contain clenbuterol, banned by the International Olympic Committee as a performance-enhancing substance.  China bans clenbuterol because of the chemical's noxious long-term effects on human health.  The World Anti-Doping Agency issued a warning last year about clenbuterol-tainted meat in China. Mexico also has a serious issue with it but pork farmers in China still use it because it produces leaner meat so the choice was avoidance or take risks. 

    So Chinese volleyball players had not eaten meat for weeks (they spend billions, could they not import meat?) and, according to their coach, they paid the price.  Vegetarian diets are a fine lifestyle choice, of course, so is believing in astrology, but like astrology you should pick your spots.  A world-class athlete who is deprived of the complex proteins of meat, especially if they are not used to it, has a much more difficult time physiologically.

    Clenbuterol has legitimate uses, just like steroids, it helps dilate the bronchial tubes and is used as an asthma treatment. But the coach of the Chinese volleyball team used no subtlety in blaming diet for the poor performance of his team last weekend at the World Grand Prix finals tournament:

    “They have showed significant decline in their strength and fitness” coach Yu Juemin said of his squad after Sunday's defeat to the US. “We are wary of meat tainted by lean-meat powder, and we didn't eat any during the game period,” Yu told the Shanghai Daily newspaper.

    In England they will have access to plenty of untainted meat, so they aren't forced to go vegetarian and they should be fine.  Just avoid the blood pudding.


    What rubbish....

    There are numerous pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan athletes. There is no need for meat in an athletes diet.

    The Chinese athletes will have no problems, indeed they might even perform better as a result.


    Whatever. Maybe the coach was just looking for something to blame and he doesn't trust Big Vegetable?
    Whatever, maybe the journalist who wrote this didn't research anything and based it on blind prejudice and ignorance.

    The vegan diet is considered the best for modern athletes. Olympics champion Carl Lewis famously stated: 'My best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet.' He is one of many successul vegan athletes.

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    You cannot preach by pointing few exemples of vegetarian athletes. The same way, there are lot of olympic champions who used to eat meat regularly.

    Sounds like a tall order to expect these athletes to perform up to their normal standard after completely changing their diets in such a drastic way.

    They are doing rather well for a "DOOMED" team.

    The Chinese are not the only Veggies winning meadals.

    There is an ajustment time for becoming vegan, and maybe this is what they were experiencing. That being said, after this adjustment time, everyone I know has felt better and more energized. There are many cases of a vegan diet working well for athletes as well.

    perhaps it was a clenbuterol deficiency? All of a sudden they are no longer receiving an illegal performance enhancing drug in their food.

    Bonny Bonobo alias Brat
    Ha ha, very funny but many a true word has been said in jest.
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    There are plenty of veggie and vegan athletes, not eating meat is not going to detrimentally alter performance.