Mechanisms of Meaning
    By Samuel Kenyon | October 15th 2012 02:20 AM | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    How do organisms generate meaning during their development? What designs of information structures and processes best explain how animals understand concepts?

    In "A Deepness in the Mind: The Symbol Grounding Problem", I showed a three layer diagram with semantic connections on the top. I'd like to spend some time discussing the bottom of the top layer.

    At the moment, there seems to be a few worthwhile avenues of investigation:

    • Emotions

    • Affordances

    • Metaphors and Blends

    Each of these points of view involve certain theories and architecture concepts. Soon I will have more blog posts describing these concepts and how we might implement and synthesize them. Marvin Minsky's books Society of Mind and The Emotion Machine have many mental agency and structure ideas that may be useful in this context.