The 85 Tools Of The World's Largest Swiss Army Knife
    By Garth Sundem | November 2nd 2009 05:01 AM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Have you ever been stranded in the deep Congo? Hung from a finger on the 27th pitch of the Nose on El Cap? Been jumped from behind by muggers in the Bronx? If so, this tool would have been almost completely useless. However, if you want to enliven any party and/or imply things about your manhood (or femininity?), then you simply can't exist another day without this 2 pound, 11 ounce, 85-tool knife. Notice the telescopic pointer and golf divot repairer tool.

    1. 2.5” 60% Serrated locking blade

    2. Nail file, nail cleaner

    3. Corkscrew

    4. Adjustable pliers with wire crimper and cutter

    5. Removable screwdriver bit adapter

    6. 2.5” Blade for Official World Scout Knife

    7. Spring-loaded, locking needle-nose pliers with wire cutter

    8. Removable screwdriver bit holder

    9. Phillips head screwdriver bit 0

    10. Phillips head screwdriver bit 1

    11. Phillips head screwdriver bit 2

    12. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.5 mm x 3.5 mm

    13. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.6 mm x 4.0 mm

    14. Flat head screwdriver bit 1.0 mm x 6.5 mm

    15. Magnetized recessed bit holder

    16. Double-cut wood saw with ruler (inch&cm)

    17. Bike chain rivet setter, removable 5m allen wrench, screwdriver for slotted and Phillips head screws

    18. Removable tool for adjusting bike spokes, 10m hexagonal key for nuts

    19. Removable 4mm curved allen wrench with Phillips head screwdriver

    20. Removable 10mm hexagonal key

    21. Patented locking Phillips head screwdriver

    22. Universal wrench

    23. Laser pointer with 300 ft. range

    24. 1.65” Clip point utility blade

    25. Metal saw, metal file

    26. 4 mm allen wrench

    27. 2.5” blade

    28. Fine metal file with precision screwdriver

    29. Double-cut wood saw

    30. Cupped cigar cutter with double-honed edges

    31. 12/20-Gauge choke tube tool

    32. Watch caseback opening tool

    33. Snap shackle

    34. Telescopic pointer

    35. Compass, straight edge, ruler (in./cm)

    36. Mineral crystal magnifier with precision screwdriver

    37. 2.4” Springless scissors with serrated, self-sharpening design

    38. Shortix key

    39. Flashlight

    40. Fish scaler, hook disgorger, line guide

    41. Micro tool holder

    42. Micro tool adapter

    43. Micro scraper-straight

    44. Reamer

    45. Fine fork for watch spring bars

    46. Pin punch 1.2 mm

    47. Pin punch .8 mm

    48. Round needle file

    49. Removable tool holder with expandable receptacle

    50. Removable tool holder

    51. Multi-purpose screwdriver

    52. Flat Phillips head screwdriver

    53. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.5 mm x 3.5 mm

    54. Spring loaded, locking flat nose nose-pliers with wire cutter

    55. Phillips head screwdriver bit 0

    56. Phillips head screwdriver bit 1

    57. Phillips head screwdriver bit 2

    58. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.5 mm x 3.5 mm

    59. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.6 mm x 4.0 mm

    60. Flat head screwdriver bit 1.0 mm x 6.5 mm

    61. Can opener

    62. Phillips head screwdriver

    63. 2.5” Clip point blade

    64. Golf club face cleaner

    65. 2.4” Round tip blade

    66. Patented locking screwdriver, cap lifter, can opener

    67. Golf shoe spike wrench

    68. Golf divot repair tool

    69. Micro straight-curved

    70. Special tool holder

    71. Phillips head screwdriver 1.5mm

    72. Screwdriver 1.2 mm

    73. Screwdriver .8 mm

    74. Mineral crystal magnifier, fork for watch spring bars, small ruler

    75. Removable screwdriver bit holder

    76. Magnetized recessed bit holder

    77. Tire tread gauge

    78. Reamer/awl

    79. Patented locking screwdriver, cap lifter, wire stripper

    80. Special Key

    81. Toothpick

    82. Tweezers

    83. Adapter

    84. Key ring

    85. Second key ring


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    Ha...!!! Where is the laser pointer...?
    Doesn't it have a thread and needle combo to repair my pants pocket...?
    Becky Jungbauer
    Are there multiples of certain tools for a reason? Or just because they can?

    And I can't tell you how many times I've needed a 12/20-Gauge choke tube tool and not had one handy. How am I supposed to pack mini heat if I don't have the proper tools?