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    Zohydro And A New Obstacle To Medical Innovation
    By Matthew Lazenka | May 8th 2014 09:37 AM | 5 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    One of the major goals of pharmaceutical companies is to get through FDA approval so that they can begin selling a drug on the market. 

    This step is so important that pharmaceutical companies actually make decisions regarding drugs in their pipeline based on the results of other drug approvals. 

    Further, pharmaceutical companies will choose safe diseases to initially test drugs, even if there is no preclinical indication that the drug will be effective for those diseases.  For instance, they go the ocular route because that is not a systemic administration of drugs.  

    Even though the FDA is a huge stumbling block, Congress has decided to become an even bigger stumbling block.  This is where Zohydro comes in.  It is one such drug that was approved by the FDA despite receiving disapproval in a vote of 11-2 by an advisory panel.  The FDA, in its approval, made it clear that Zohydro showed strong enough efficacy in reducing pain and suffering when weighed against its potential abuse liability. 

    Although it is very true that there is an increase in the number of those who are dependent on opiates, it is also true that not all patients find relief with currently available opiates.  The interesting thing here is that the discussions of Zohydro show a complete ignorance in the media of what potency means in pharmacological terms. 

    Potency is usually defined as how much drug is necessary to produce an effect.  Basically, etorphine is 1000X more potent than morphine, which means it would take 1 milligram of etorphine to produce the same effect as 1 mg of morphine.  So even though less etorphine is necessary, it has no bearing on the effect of etorphine.  Etorphine has about the same efficacy as morphine. 

    In the medical profession, fentanyl is more potent and slightly more efficacious than morphine.  Buprenorphine is ~25-50 times more potent than morphine, but it has lower efficacy because it is a partial agonist.  Therefore, people in the media get it wrong when they say that buprenorphine is more potent because they have no clue what potency means.  This stems from the liberal arts education where Webster’s dictionary is considered the end all for understanding things. 

    To wit, potency is defined as “the strength or effectiveness of something.”  That is true for non-pharmacological discussions, but absolutely false when it comes to medications.

        Now, the issue at hand is that Congress wants to ban a slow release formulation of hydrocodone because 1) Joe Manchin’s daughter is CEO of a company that sells oxycodone and 2) because they would rather see patients suffer than do something that would actually reduce opioid abuse, but know they will get brownie points for pretending like they care about their constituents (Mitch McConnell). 

    For Congress, especially Democrats, it looks good when you attack companies that you claim are trying to make opioid abuse worse.  Because both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are supporting this, it is being touted as a big step forward for Congress.  It also proves that really bad ideas for America can be bipartisan too.   The problem, however, for those in the medical sciences is that, if this ban is successful, Congress will now have the power to trump the “experts” at the FDA.  Drug companies will have to consider whether their competitor has a mom or dad in Congress before embarking on certain medical innovations.

     The science, in a lot of ways does not back up the claims of these Congressmen.  My focus will be on just a 2013 study in Pain, which assessed attitudes of opioid abusers.  It showed that a significantly greater number of individuals (44.7% vs 29.4%) preferred oxycodone over hydrocodone because the "high" was better. 

    Hydrocodone was the drug of choice for risk-averse people, those who were unlikely to abuse heroin.  Oxycodone was preferred by the group that was young and risk-tolerant.  Therefore, the issue at hand is that Joe Manchin’s daughter sells the drug that is more likely to lead to risky opioid use and abuse.  Joe Manchin is not asking to ban oxycodone because his daughter’s company makes money off of it. 

    The only reasonable argument in this whole debate, is that slow release hydrocodone comes in a form that can be crushed and snorted, like the initial release of oxycodone.  However, data suggests that it is unlikely that the scale of this abuse will reach the magnitude of oxycodone abuse because the high is not as good, as reported in peer-reviewed research.  Likewise, risk-averse people are more likely to take hydrocodone.  Eventually, an uncrushable form of slow release hydrocodone will be developed, but, until then, the FDA agrees that some pain suffers would benefit from Zohydro now. 

    I happen to agree that reducing pain is preferable to adding one new obstacle to medical innovation so that one’s child will not lose market share with her company. Finally, more research needs to be done on whether uncrushable forms of opioids is actually a good deterrent.  It's possible that it may force more users into abusing heroin. 

    If Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell were advocating for more research dollars to stem opioid abuse, along with banning a drug, then maybe I would believe their intentions were earnest.


    Thank you!

    Your article is a red herring for it misses the fact opioids lack evidence of long term effectivenes for any chronic pain condition except Tramadol for neuropathic pain. RCT's for opioids show most drop out due to side effects or lack of rewarding effect. People in pain don't exist for the commercial interests of Big Pharma- in case no one told you.
    But getting back to opioids it is remarkable these ancient meds still are used in the post-genomic era- i guess no one told you there is an innovation gap in pharmaceutical companies. But again, opioids are merely antipathic medicines with no regenerative or curative properties. Instead of the opioid economy for painful conditions we would be much better off with a stem cell economy for painful conditions.
    If you wish to discuss "science" maybe you need to mention 50% of studies are so poor they go unpublished and that Dr. Collins at NIH a few months ago indicated that efforts at ensuring research reliability of medical research are "hobbled"- Oh and need I mention many pain specialists are under federal investigation for promoting opioids?
    You have provided a biased "bandwagon" thinly veiled plug for the opioid economy-maybe you need to do more homework on the issue before providing such a slanted view of opioids.

    I am not always sure how to respond to crazy, but I am pretty sure the post genomic era started millions upon millions of years ago.  I am also not sure what a stem cell economy is, but if it replaces the dollar as currency, I am all for it.    I also don't know where the 50% of studies part comes from.  I guess, if I understand your point, is that opiates are not great pain relievers, especially for neuropathy, fibromyalgia, etc.  I have to agree with you on that, and I am actively doing research to find effective non-opiate drugs.  The issue here is that if I were to find an effective drug, pharmaceutical companies may not want to pursue it because of what happened to Zohydro.  That is my major concern here.  Also, I am tired of people using the term potency when what they really mean is efficacy.  
    Post genomic era began after the human genome was mapped and guys like Collins told us by 2010 we would have so much better treatment for diseases as a result of being in the post-genomic era. In 2010 Collins and his pal Hamburg at the FDA said it might be another ten years before the promises of the post-genomic era are realized.
    It is good you realize that opioids are ill conceived medication for pain as they assume pain is nothing more than maldynia- that pain is not physiological but merely pathological- yeah it is one of the distinctions made by the pain specialists-although, frankly i dont know anyone with arthritis pain that doesnt have arthritis- but that is something that is lost on the pain specialists. SO if Big Pharma wants to create new medication that are approved by the FDA they should get over their innovation gap instead of trying to create "new and improved opioids" or repurpose old medications. So the FDA isnt the problem- as i see it- the problem is the innovation gap- and so Big pharma when it comes to pain care needs to develop safe and effective new drug entities-maybe the need to learn triz or engage in the circle of trust or have some LENS neurofeedback or neuroptimal for their researchers for drugs like Zohydro are ill conceived and reflect more of the innovation gap then they do problems at the fda. And yeah the 9 functions of my medial prefrontal cortex are well methylated today,

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>鍒ャ伀鍟忛銇亜銇с仚銈堛€侀兊渚垮眬銇虎閫佸眾銇ц嚜鍕曡粖绋庛伄鐢ㄧ礄銇屼粖銇綇鎵€銇眾銇嶃伨銇欍亱銈夌◣閲戙仌銇堛亶銇°倱銇ㄦ墪銇c仸銈屻伆銆佽粖妞溿倐鍟忛銇亸閫氥仯銇︺伨銇欍€? >浠绘剰淇濋櫤銇€佷唬鐞嗗簵銇浕瑭便仐銇︽墜缍氥亶銇椼仸璨般亜銇俱仐銇熴亴銆?杌婃瑷笺仾銈撱仸鍏ㄩ儴闆㈠鍓嶃伄銇俱伨銇с仚绗?浜嬫晠銇亗銇c仧鏅傘伀銈傝瀵熴伀銆屽厓鏃﹂偅銇嬨倝閫冦亽銇︺倠銇仹灞呮墍銇屻儛銉仾銇勩倛銇嗐伀杌婃瑷笺倰澶夋洿銇椼仸銇亜銈撱仹銇欍€佸厤瑷辫銇亴鐝句綇鎵€銇ㄧ従鍦ㄣ伄濮撱仹銇欍€嶃仹浣曚竴銇よ█銈忋倢銇俱仜銈撱仹銇椼仧銇嬨倝銆? >鍏嶈ū瑷笺仚銈変綇姘戠エ銇亗銈嬪疅瀹躲伄浣忔墍銇с€岀従浣忔墍銆嶃仹銇€併仾銇勩伄銇с仚銇?浣忔皯绁ㄣ亱銈夈儛銉仾銇勩倛銇嗐伀绉诲嫊銇椼仸銇亜銆? >浜嬫晠鍑︾悊銇潵銇熻瀹樸亱銈夈€屻仢銇嗐€佸ぇ澶夈仩銇€︺€嶃仺鑻ュ共鍚屾儏銇曘倢銇熴亸銈夈亜銇с仚銆? >绋庨噾銇曘亪銇嶃仭銈撱仺鎵曘仯銇︺倢銇般€佷綍銈傝█銈忋倢銇俱仜銈撱伃銆? >杌婃瑷笺伄澶夋洿銇墠銇厤瑷辫銇犮亼銇€侀洟濠氭垚绔嬨亴銇椼仧銈夈€佹埜绫嶈瑒鏈倓鏈睄鍦般伄杓夈仯銇熶綇姘戠エ銇仼蹇呰鏇搁銈掔⒑瑾嶃仐銇︺亱銈夎繎銇忋伄瑭﹂〒鍫淬仹銈点儍銈点仺澶夋洿銇椼仧缃亜銇熸柟銇勩亜銇с仚銆? >閵€琛屻倓銇濄伄浠栧悕缇╁鏇淬伄鑹层€呫仾鎵嬬稓銇嶄笂銇ц韩鍒嗚銇屽繀瑕併仾鍫村悎銇屻亗銈嬨伄銇с€? >杌婃瑷笺伄澶夋洿銇€佸繀瑕併仹銇欍亴銆併仢銈撱仾銇劍銈嬪繀瑕併伅銆併亗銈娿伨銇涖倱銆? >銉娿兂銉愩兗銇屽銈忋倠銈堛亞銇湴鍩熴仾銈夊灏戙伄鎵嬫暟鏂欍亴銇嬨亱銇c仧銈堛亞銇皸銇屻仐銇俱仚銆?闄搁亱灞€銇浕瑭便仹鑱炪亼銇版暀銇堛仸銇忋倢銇俱仚銈堛€? >鎶曠鏃ユ檪閫氬牨銇欍倠銇撱伄鍥炵瓟銈掓敮鎸併仚銈? >鐝惧湪浜恒亴鏀寔銇椼仸銇勩伨銇?銇婄ぜ鐨嗐仌銇俱€併偝銉°兂銉堛亜銇熴仩銇嶃伨銇椼仸銇傘倞銇屻仺銇嗐仈銇栥亜銇俱仐銇燂紒浠婂洖鍥炵洰銇姇绋裤仾銇仹銇欍亴銆? >鍥炵洰銇檪銇儸銈广亴銇ゃ亜銇熴倝銇婄煡銈夈仜銉°兗銉亴鏉ャ仸銇勩仧銇仹浠婂洖銉°兗銉亴鏉ャ仾銇嬨仯銇熴仧銈併€佽銇嬨倝銈傘儸銈广亜銇熴仩銇戙仸銇勩仾銇勩仺鎬濄仯銇︺亜銇? >姘椼仴銇忋伄銇岄亝銇忋仾銈娿€佺敵銇楄ǔ銇傘倞銇俱仜銈撱仹銇椼仧銆? >寮曘仯瓒娿仐鍏堛伄銉囥偅銉笺儵銉笺仺濂戠磩銇椼仾銇勩仺銇勩亼銇亜銇亱銇ㄦ€濄仯銇︺亜銇俱仐銇熴亴浠婃棩銆佽繎鎵€銇儑銈c兗銉┿兗銇浕瑭便仐銇﹁仦銇勩仸銇裤伨銇椼仧銇ㄣ亾銈? >銇撱仭銈夈仹濂戠磩銇椼仸銆佸悜銇撱亞銇х磵杌娿仺銇勩亞銇亴鍙兘銇с亗銈嬨仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇犮仯銇熴伄銇? >濂戠磩銈掓笀銇俱仜銇︽潵銇俱仐銇熴€? >锛堛亾銇°倝銇х磵杌娿仐銇﹀疅瀹躲伨銇т箺銇c仸甯般倢銈屻伆銇勩亜銇仹銇欍亴銆佸崐鏃ャ亱銇嬨倠璺濋洟銇с仐銇︾劇鐞嗐仩銇c仧銇仹銇欙級绱嶆湡銇?銉舵湀鍗娿亸銈夈亜銇嬨亱銈嬭粖绋伄銇熴倎銆佽粖銈掋亰銇曘亪銇︺亰銇忋亾銇ㄣ倰鍎厛銇? >鍚嶅瓧銇鏇淬伅寮曘仯瓒娿仐寰屻仹銈傘亜銇勩亱銇ㄦ€濄仯銇︺亜銇熴伄銇с仚銇? >銉娿兂銉愩兗銇渶鍒濄亱銈夊悜銇撱亞銇墿銇仐銇熴亜銇ㄦ€濄仯銇︺亜銇熴伄銇с€併仢銇偣灏嬨伃銇俱仐銇熴仺銇撱倣浣忔皯绁ㄣ亴鐣板嫊鍑烘潵銇︺亜銈屻伆銆侀洟濠氬墠銇с倐鏈€鍒濄亱銈夈仢銇倛銇嗐伀鐧婚尣鍑烘潵銈嬨仺銇勩亞銇撱仺銇с仐銇熴€? >銇椼亱銇椼€併亾銇°倝銇亜銇亴銈夈伄浣忔皯绁ㄧ暟鍕曘亴鍑烘潵銈嬨伄銇嬨亴銈忋亱銈夈仾銇嬨仯銇熴仧銈? >甯板畢寰屽焦鎵€銇瓾 銈掕銇俱仐銇熴倝銆? >杌㈠嚭銇兊閫併仹銈傚眾銇戙倝銈屻倠銇屻€佽虎鍏ャ伅绐撳彛銇銇嬨仾銇勩仺銇勩亼銇亜銈堛亞銇с仐銇熴€? >锛堛伝銇ㄣ倱銇┿伄鑷不浣撱亴銇濄伄銈堛亞銇с仚銇級濮斾换鐘躲仹杌㈠叆灞娿倰鍑恒仚銇撱仺銇嚭鏉ャ倠銇仹銇欍亴銆佸紩銇h秺銇椼亴娓堛倱銇с亜銇亜銇ㄥ眾銇戝嚭鍑烘潵銇俱仜銈撱仺涓嬨伀鏇搞亜銇︺亗銈娿兓銉汇兓瑷€銈忋仾銇嶃們銈忋亱銈夈仾銇勩亾銇ㄣ亱銈傜煡銈屻伨銇涖倱銇屻€併仼銇c仭銇裤仭鍚嶅瓧銇鏇淬伅寮曘仯瓒娿仐寰屻伀琛屻亞銇ゃ倐銈娿仾銇仹涓€绶掋伀銇欍倢銇般亜銇勩伄銇嬨仾銇併兓銉汇兓銉汇仺銆? >锛堛儕銉炽儛銉煎鏇淬亴蹇呰銇垎璨荤敤銇屽姞绠椼仌銈屻倠銇嬨倐鐭ャ倢銇俱仜銈撱亴銉汇兓銉伙級浠娿伅銆佺磵杌娿伄姝g⒑銇檪鏈熴仺鎸炯鍏堛伄閫g怠寰呫仭銇с仚銆? >浠栥伀銈傞洟濠氥伀銈堛倠鎵嬬稓銇嶃亴銇勩倣銇勩倣蹇呰銇伄銇с仚銇屻€侀爲寮点仯銇﹁銇嶃仧銇勩仺鎬濄亜銇俱仚銆? >銇裤仾銇曘伨銇傘倞銇屻仺銇嗐仈銇栥亜銇俱仐銇熴€?鎶曠鏃ユ檪銇撱伄璩晱銇焦銇珛銇°伨銇椼仧銇嬶紵浜恒亴銆屻亾銇甉& ; 銇屽焦銇珛銇c仧銆嶃仺鎶曠エ銇椼仸銇勩伨銇? >鍒ャ伄銈兗銉兗銉夈仹鍐嶆绱仚銈? >瑭崇窗妞滅储闁㈤€c偔銉笺儻銉笺儔闆㈠杌? >銈广偤銈? >瀹熷杌婃瑷? >銉欍偣銉堛偄銉炽偟銉间互澶栥伄鍥炵瓟涓︺伋鏇裤亪鏂扮潃闋? >鏀寔鏁伴爢鍥炵瓟 .鈻? > 锛炪倓銇倞搴椼伀鐩存帴鍑哄悜銇嬨仾銇勩仺鐒$悊銇с仚銇嬨伃鍠舵キ銉炪兂銇屾潵銇︺亸銈屻倢銇拌壇銇勩仹銇椼倗銇嗐亴銆佷竴鑸殑銇噾閵亴鐧虹敓銇欍倠濂戠磩銇闈仹鎹哄嵃銇屽繀瑕併伀銇倠銇亴褰撱仧銈婂墠銇с仚銈堛€? >浠婂眳銈嬨仺銇撱倣銇ц卜銇c仸銆佺磵杌婂緦銇疅瀹躲伀涔椼仯銇﹀赴銈屻伆銇勩亜銈撱仒銈冦仾銇勩伄锛? >鍚嶇京銆佷綇鎵€澶夋洿绛夈伅瀹熷銇赴銇c仸銇嬨倝銆佹銇粖妞溿伄鏅傘伀杌婃銈掑嚭銇欏簵銇█銇堛伆銈勩仯銇︺亸銈屻伨銇欍倛銆? >鎶曠鏃ユ檪閫氬牨銇欍倠銇婄ぜ銇欍倠銇撱伄鍥炵瓟銈掓敮鎸併仚銈? >鐝惧湪浜恒亴鏀寔銇椼仸銇勩伨銇?鍥炵瓟 .鈻? > .閬犻殧鍦般亱銈夈仹銈傚晱椤屻亗銈娿伨銇涖倱銇屻€併仈瀹熷銇柟銇岃博澹插簵銇嚭鍚戙亸浜嬨亴銇с亶銈屻伆銉欍偪銉笺亱銇ㄦ€濄亜銇俱仚銆? >銆€銇撱伄銈点偆銉堛仹銈傝粖銇仱銇勩仸鑹层€呮浉銇嬨倢銇︺亜銈嬮€氥倞銇撱伄鐩仹瑕嬨仸銇ㄨ█銇嗐伄銇屽ぇ鍒囥仾銇仹銆? >銆€瑁忋儻銈躲仺銇椼仸銇偣銈恒偔銇粖銈掕卜銇嗐仾銈夎繎銇忋伄銈广偤銈伄銉囥偅銉笺儵銉笺倰閫氥仐銇︺€併仈瀹熷杩戙亸銇偣銈恒偔銇儑銈c兗銉┿兗銇嬨倝璨枫亪銇颁尽鏍间氦娓夈伄浣欏湴銈傘亗銈嬨亱銈傜煡銈屻仾銇勩仐銆佽粖涓°伀銇ゃ亜銇︺伄涓嶅叿鍚堛伀瀵惧繙銇椼仸銈傘倝銇堛倠銇仼瀹夊績銇с亶銈嬨亱銇ㄦ€濄亜銇俱仚銆傘伨銇熴€佽繎銇忋仹銉忋兂銈炽倰銇ゃ亜銇﹀绱勩倐绲傘倧銈屻倠銇椼€傚儠銈傘亾銇墜銈掍娇銇c仧浜嬨亗銈娿伨銇欍€? >.璩煎叆鐧婚尣鏅傜偣銇с伄鎴哥睄涓婃皬鍚嶃仹銇櫥閷层仺銇倞銆佸澶夋洿鏅傘伀灞娿亼鍑恒仺銇倞銇俱仚銆? >銆€鎵嬬稓銇嶇殑銇伅闆c仐銇忋亗銈娿伨銇涖倱銆傞亱杓告敮灞€鏃ч櫢閬嬪眬銇亰鍟忋亜鍚堛倧銇涖亸銇犮仌銇勩€? >銆€鏂扮敓娲汇亴銇嗐伨銇忋偣銈裤兗銉堛仚銈嬨亾銇ㄣ倰銇婄銈娿仐銇俱仚銆傘亰銇涖仯銇嬨亜銇洖绛斻伀銇倞銇俱仐銇熴€? >鎶曠鏃ユ檪閫氬牨銇欍倠銇婄ぜ銇欍倠銇撱伄鍥炵瓟銈掓敮鎸併仚銈? >鐝惧湪浜恒亴鏀寔銇椼仸銇勩伨銇?きつい坂を上る時、瞬間フロントが浮きますが(1 2) | 自転車?マウンテンバイクお気に入り投稿に追加する人が追加しました回答数閲覧数きつい坂を上る時、瞬間フロントが浮きますが何が楽しいのか、急な坂道を見つけると上りたくなってしまいます。いる方です。ですから運営体制も安全面に対する取り組みなども本気でやっているので安心無理、ごめんなさいとだけ帰ってきましたそして今日、彼女の家の近くの公園に彼女とよく溿儍銇ㄣ仐銇︺亜銈嬫湇銇亰灏汇倛銈婁笀銇岄暦銇勩伄銇亗銇俱倞銈堛亸銇亱銇c仧