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Teaching Inorganic Nomenclature (Part 4): A Single Classroom Study

The concepts of a single classroom study came about after my module, now a published book, Naming...

Teaching Inorganic Nomenclature (Part 3): Memorizing Cations and Anions Made Easy

Memorizing the ions is one of the most challenging part of mastering the basics of inorganic nomenclature...

FIER (part 4) The Child as the Central Focus.

Like a plant that needs the right environment for it to grow healthy and bear fruits, FIER is believed...

Doing a Graduate Tracer Study (GTS)- An Experience

Enhancing the marketability of the graduates and improving curricular programs are two of the main...

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He is both a chemist and an educator. He teaches General chemistry, organic, and biochemistry for health sciences students as well as introductory chemistry courses for non chemistry majors. He... Read More »