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FIER (part 2): Educational Theories and Concepts Behind the Essential Step To Quality Education

Here,  the concepts and theories behind FIER (pronounced as "fire") are explored  to...

FIER (part 1): Enhanced Instructional Design—A Move to Quality Education.

(Co-Author: Marie Ernestine Fajatin, Ph.D.)Quality of instruction suffers, according to Smith...

Don't make it hard for me, I won't make it hard for you: A Hidden Principle Exposed

A lot of principles in teaching and learning are taught, tested, re-proven to work, and eventually...

5-Step, 5-Cycle Teaching Model: A Teaching Framework for a Science Course

A theoretical framework of teaching preparation called The 5-Step, 5-Cycle Teaching Model was developed...

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He is both a chemist and an educator. He teaches General chemistry, organic, and biochemistry for health sciences students as well as introductory chemistry courses for non chemistry majors. He... Read More »