Avian Flu Research Sheds Light On Swine Flu - And Why Influenza A Can Never Be Eradicated
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    A new study by University of Maryland researchers suggests that the potential for an avian influenza virus to cause a human flu pandemic is greater than previously thought and the results also illustrate how the current H1N1 swine flu outbreak likely came about. 

    Avian flu viruses can infect humans who have contact with birds but these viruses tend not to transmit easily between humans but in research recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor Daniel Perez from the University of Maryland says that after reassortment with a human influenza virus, a process that usually takes place in intermediary species like pigs, an avian flu virus requires relatively few mutations to spread rapidly between mammals by respiratory droplets.

    In his study, Perez used the avian H9N2 influenza virus, one that is on the list of candidates for human pandemic potential. Using reverse genetics, a technique whereby individual genes from viruses are separated, selected, and put back together, Perez and his team created a hybrid human-avian virus. Their research hybrid has internal human flu genes and surface avian flu genes from the H9N2 virus. Though it comes from a different strain of avian flu than the one that contributed to the hybrid virus now causing the swine flu outbreak, Perez's research virus is similar in origin to the swine flu virus, in that both involved a combination of avian and human influenza viruses.

    Why Influenza A virus cant be eradicated
    Why the Type A virus can't be eradicated.  Credit: University of Maryland

    Perez infected ferrets (considered a good model for human influenza transmission) with the virus he created, and allowed the virus to mutate in the species. Before long, healthy ferrets that shared air space but not physical space with the infected ferret had the virus, showing that the virus had mutated to spread by respiratory droplets.

    When the genetic sequences of the mutant virus and original hybrid virus were compared, the only differences were five amino acid mutations, three on the surface, and two internally. Two of the surface mutations were determined to be solely responsible for supporting respiratory droplet transmission. Because so few mutations were necessary to make the hybrid H9N2 transmissible this way, they concluded that after an animal-human hybrid influenza virus forms in nature, a human pandemic of this virus is potentially just a few mutations away.

    Here, associate Professor Daniel Perez from the University of Maryland talks about the H9N2 virus.  

    "This is similar to the method by which the current swine influenza strain likely formed," said Perez, program director of the University of Maryland-based Prevention and Control of Avian Influenza Coordinated Agricultural Project, AICAP. "The virus formed when avian, swine, and human-like viruses combined in a pig to make a new virus. After mutating to be able to spread by respiratory droplets and infect humans, it is now spreading between humans by sneezing and coughing."

    Influenza A Virus orthomyxoviridae ns1 pb1f2 negative sense single strand rna genome
    The Influenza A virus.  Credit: University Of Maryland

    However, scientists cannot predict what the actual mutations will look like if and when they occur in nature, or even which strain of avian influenza will mutate to infect mammals.

    "This is just the tip of the iceberg," said Perez. "Many more studies have to be done to see which combinations of mutations cause this type of transmission before we can design the appropriate vaccines."

    Perez will be talking this week with the NIH and the CDC to discuss his team's role in researching the current swine flu virus strain. Perez will likely do studies related to vaccine development, virus transmission between humans and animals, and the pathogenesis of the virus.

    A virus vaccine is derived from the virus itself. The vaccine consists of virus components or killed viruses that mimic the presence of the virus without causing disease. These prime the body's immune system to recognize and fight against the virus. The immune system produces antibodies against the vaccine that remain in the system until they are needed. If that virus, or in some cases a closely similar one is later introduced into the system, those antibodies attach to viral particles and remove them before they have time to replicate, preventing or lessening symptoms of the virus.

    The immune system also retains antibodies to a virus after being infected with it, so humans have general immunity to human strains of avian influenza strains. But humans do not generally have immunity to avian flu strains because they have not been infected by them before. The surface proteins are sufficiently different to escape the human immune response. Avian flu strains are therefore more dangerous for humans because the human immune system cannot recognize the virus or protect against it.


    All that scientific business aside, how can Big Pharmaceutical multi-nationals ever hope to keep increasing their scandalous profits if we actually cure diseases and not have a steady stream of new "emerging" disieases that require vaccines, treatments and god forbid actual cures??
    I think there is enough data currently available on the web that makes a very good case that "Mexican Flu" is a spliced human manufactured strain and at this time big pharma stocks are going through the roof as companies line up to manufacture the hundreds of millions of vaccinations needed to stave of this new "Pandemic" not to mention the surgical mask manufacturers. Right there I have a bone of contention, we have a WHO level 5 alert in place when the reality is that out of 6.7 billion people we have under 200 deaths from this "pandemic killer" strain, while in any normal flu season between 30,000 & 40,000 die as a result of common flu strains in the US alone. Something is rotten in Denmark folks and it isnt a pile of Mexican flu corpses.

    >>>I think there is enough data currently available on the web that makes a very good case that "Mexican Flu" is a spliced human manufactured strain and at this time big pharma stocks are going through the roof as companies line up to manufacture the hundreds of millions of vaccinations<<<

    Oh, Christ, knock it off. The web?? There's a source for reliable information!

    Flu recombination has been going on for eons and several times a century, it causes a pandemic. Once every hundred years or so, it's a really deadly one. This has been going on since long before anyone could possibly engineer a new virus.

    Take off your tinfoil hat and realize that this might well come back deadly in the fall - not because Halliburton engineered it - but because that's just what happens.

    As of today, 1516 cases worldwide, 30 deaths, a current population of 6.7 billion people....a pandemic is it?? Every year in the US alone 30-40,000 die from the flu, wake the fuck up.

    Chlorine Dioxide kills all pathogens and parasites. It's cheap, safe, and effective. Look into it and don't panic.

    Man produced Pandemics on horizon . More than 40 different Man-made bio-weapons are presently in global circulation that have been R&D to be 100% Immune almost guarantees a global viral pandemic outbreak.
    A double edge sword.. Good & Evil in modern times.. Trouble is Demonic forces are utilizing technology to produce dangers to global population.. Vaccines are most dangerous and unlikely will not provide safegaurds once the man-produced viruses are released .
    Handwriting on the wall warned of these disasters in future times. Apparently the future is unfolding.
    History repeating itself.

    its all bullcrap. I'm so sick of the manipulation of the world population by a few powerful people and their cronies. This will only stop when people of this world decide they have had enough. Unfortunately, the majority of thepopulation trusts their governments, and accept every word from their vile mouth.

    Have you guys seen the article below. What did I tell youlast week??? This is being used to scare people INTO BUYING ALL SORTS OF CRAP. Yes, the gov has found a way to stimulate the economy. Through fear and intimidation. AGAIN.

    'Stockpile but don't panic', Australians told

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    01 May 2009 | 06:39:17 AM | Source: SBS staff with agencies

    Australians should be stockpiling enough supplies to last two weeks on the back of an increase in the swine flu alert level, according to a federal government pandemic plan.

    Don't panic yet .... just stock up

    * Julia Medew
    * May 1, 2009

    AUSTRALIANS could soon be asked to stock their pantries with food and water and prepare for an emergency, according to the Federal Government's pandemic flu plan.

    A manual outlining Australia's response says that when the World Health Organisation moves to phase five, which it did yesterday, Australia will be in its "delay phase".

    WHERE'S THE PROOF TO RAISE THE ALERT LEVEL TO 5??? A few hundred cases in the US?? No americans deaths you say??


    Turns out this blog was right! The admission by the feds that now 14 of the top 19 banks must raise capital is a defacto admission they were technically insolvent just as our original report stated. Vindication is sweet.

    It can never be eradicated as long as the scum biologists and their gov. sponsors - keep looping it back to us.Get rid of the last 2, and we're on a good track.

    Same with all other diseases. Because the physical body is made to self-correct, eventually the auto-immune system kicks in.

    Except the biologist traitors to the Human Race, keep producing new strains of diseases. The last great Flu Epidemic of 1918 ran its course, unfortunately after approx 40 million died wordwide (an accurate count is not avail. because not all areas of the planet were Tallied - any single traveler from fhe Outside could have carried the virus to a remote region and spread the plague) = but that 40 million was a sizeable amt for those times.

    But the scientiests had to dig up a corpse of a 1918 victim- get the virus DNA and produce a "re-combinant"- a stronger plague ( 1 multiplied by 3 =-mix it with 3 others to make it more virulent - since the humans had built up an immunity to the old virus). Thus, the new virus that Humans do not have an immunity for, spreads..

    AIDS did not come from the bite of an African Green monkey. And Ebola did not suddenly appear from the deep jungles of Africa, they came from the deep jungle of a biochem lab.. In fact, those that do this, are ALIENS to humanity, having no affinity to the human race.

    THAT I S the reason we continue to have new plagues..

    Wow....crazy people are amusing. Sir or madam, I would suggest you go see your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist, because you are clearly not all there

    The only thing you said that has any truth to it is that they dug up frozen corpses from 1918 and recovered the flu virus. Everything else is horsesh!t.

    The Saucer People and Elvis were clearly involved with creating this plague. Along with Halliburton. I bet GW Bush himself gave the orders.

    I bet it was that sumbitch Karl Rove; but Colonel Sanders and the Pentavarit are pulling his strings, not Bush - well, maybe 41 but certainly not 43.