LONDON, June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Acentic and Bose(R) are bringing the luxury high tech lifestyle of the 21st century to the 19th century gothic style of Marriott International's St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Acentic, the leading supplier of broadband systems and digital interactive TV (iTV) for the hotel industry, has installed its sophisticated Panorama(R) HD platform at the hotel, as well as high definition LCDs. This includes the first Bose television with an integrated high-performance audio/video entertainment system, the Bose VideoWave(R), which is installed in the hotel's unique Royal Suite.

Officially opened at the beginning of May, the 245-room hotel is a recently restored Victorian masterpiece and hub of domestic and international rail travel. The hotel now features modern amenities for luxury travelers, while retaining the extravagance of the golden age. Acentic Panorama brings unparalleled in-room digital broadcast, on-demand and Hotel TV services in crystal clear HD quality for an entertainment experience on par with the hotel's luxury offerings.

Royal Suite guests will enjoy the 46-inch Bose VideoWave(R) LCD television that fills the sizeable suite with a cinematic performance that is a first in the hotel industry. The full HD Bose picture display and surround sound system, together with Acentic Panorama Hotel TV platform and sophisticated GUI, provide vibrant visuals and renowned cinema audio. It also features hundreds of applications and services via the TV through an icon-based smart navigation menu, delivering an unmatched experience without wiring hassles or external speaker setup. To complement the solution, guests can link in their iPhones, Smartphones or tablet devices presenting a unique sound and video interface.

"After years of devoted restoration, the hotel has reopened with grandeur and luxury, and Acentic's excellent entertainment platform and luxury TV offering were chosen as they represent an ideal fit for our upscale guests," said Caroline Drayton, Director of Public Relations, St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. "Acentic's technology is proven and reliable and their service and consultancy during the hotel's re-opening has been invaluable."

"With its key central location, gothic style and setting for many famous movies and VIP visitors, the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is an important historic building that has been restored back to life with modern luxury," said Richard Robinson, CEO of Acentic. "Acentic Panorama HD at St. Pancras adds to its lavish image and the evolving lifestyle of today's travelers with a high quality system and tailor-made technology that meets the needs of demanding guests."

According to Bose Hospitality Market Specialist, Paul Simpson, the St. Pancras Renaissance is the first hotel in the UK to enable guests to experience the new Bose VideoWave(R). "The combination of home theatre sound system, 46" 1080p LCD display, and music system into one revolutionary product, with no separate speakers, bass module or speaker wires, makes the Bose VideoWave(R) an ideal solution for upscale hotel rooms and suites. The guest receives the benefit of an easy to use TV with intuitive remote control and superb cinematic sound, and the hotel benefits from an easy to set up, high quality solution that blends well with both modern and traditional surroundings and sets the hotel apart from neighbouring venues."