DUBLIN, June 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Revelations by the Financial Times last week that Google has obtained a patent for technology to help it identify inadequate content on the web has sent waves amongst industry experts working in the content on demand sector. Many commentators are now hinting that the disruptors will become disrupted by the world's largest web player.

Salvatore Esposito, CEO of GoAdv, comments: A move by Google to either sell or give away its inadequate content data to online publishers would certainly open up competition in the content on demand sector. The leading US players are currently positioning themselves as the market starts to consolidate, including Demand Media, AOL's Seed.com and Associated Content, recently bought by Yahoo.

If Google follows this route, the move will actually improve content offerings and subsequently quality, especially for long tail queries. As the quantity of long tail content increases online the quality of the content produced will become ever more important as search is not the only element to consider but also the social journey of content as it is shared among users via tools like Facebook's 'Like', which TypePad recently revealed increases referral traffic to blogs by an astonishing 50%.

The impact of such a strategy would certainly weigh heavily on any company relying on SEO and producing large quantities of low quality content. But companies whose models are holistic and sustainable will be enhanced. Companies using a combination of SEO, traffic acquisition and focus on higher quality content, will be able to use the data made available in a more effective way.

Google certainly needs to address the topic quickly. If the search results produced by long tail queries are limited to a small selection of content farms, Google is not offering a good service to its users. GoAdv has become a European leader in the production of multilingual content on demand, and our sustainable business model mixes organic, acquired, direct and social traffic, putting us in an interesting position if Google decides to follow this new route. We are building niche communities around long tail topics, identified by algorithms and then managed by sector experts to maintain quality and relevance. Our model and content offering will in fact gain from a move by Google to open up search data in this manner and ultimately will enhance a web user's search experience in the long tail area.

About GoAdv

The GoAdv Group is Europe's 4th fastest growing larger digital media company (GP Bullhound Media Momentum 2010) and winner of the 2010Red Herring Europe 00. Created in 2004 the Group crowdsources, distributes and monetizes over 15,000 items of compelling, multilingual content per month for a wide network of 500+ fully owned and operated websites including Excite Europe, Better Deals, Blogosfere and the Nanopublishing network. The media properties generate over 20 million unique monthly users (Source: Comscore Jan 2010).

GoAdv is a pan-European company and has a staff of over 140 working across offices in Italy, Ireland, and Asia, active in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, US, Australia, Russia and Brazil.



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