Para'Kito(TM), The Consumer Prize Winning, French Made Natural Mosquito Repellent, Responds To Demand By Expanding Online
    By Anna Ohlden | July 16th 2009 03:02 PM | Print | E-mail | Track Comments

    PARIS, July 16 --

    Following the successful launch of Para’Kito(TM), a natural, extremely
    long lasting and stylish mosquito repellent wristband in France last year,
    Evergreen Land Ltd. today announced the launch of a new online store ( ), making Para’Kito(TM) available worldwide
    for the first time. In 2008, Para’Kito(TM) was recognized by IPSOS, an
    independent French consumer research company, as the country’s preferred
    natural mosquito repellent.

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    Now, to meet growing global demands, the website is expected to play a key role
    in the future sales of Para’Kito(TM). Oliver Partrat, one of the three
    Evergreen Land Ltd. founding partners, attributes the quick market response to
    the association of lifestyle elements (colorfully styled wristbands) with
    cutting-edge patented technology. Mr. Partrat said, In addition to being
    natural, long lasting and effective, we also designed our mosquito repellent
    wristbands to be practical and fun to wear. We wanted to make sure they were
    usable by adults and children alike in all situations such as travel, sports,
    outdoor and water based activities, in all climates and all conditions. We have
    applied the same concept to our online store -- keeping a
    simple, colorful and informative environment.

    Mosquitoes are a problem for people around the world. Having existed for over
    30 million years, they have had ample time to refine their skills, and are
    estimated to transmit diseases to over 700 million people annually. One of the
    principle vectors of attraction to humans is smell. Para’Kito(TM)
    technology utilizes two distinct patented processes to interfere with this
    attraction. Firstly, the combination of several natural essential oils with food
    molecules to improve their stability, and secondly, the impregnation of these
    oils into the heart of a polymer pellet. Each active pellet will then
    successfully repel mosquitoes for over two weeks. There is also an ecological
    benefit to the technology -- mosquitoes are not able to mutate against the
    complex essential oils spectrum as easily as against a chemical based repellent.

    Through the new online store the Company intends to give consumers worldwide
    the opportunity to deal with this timeless problem in a fun, naturally effective
    and long lasting way.

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    SOURCE: Evergreen Land Ltd.

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