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    -- James Ph. Kotsybar


    A scientist trusts in whathas been proved

    through repeatedexperimentation.

    Assertions of faith willleave him unmoved

    until they have achievedvalidation.

    Religious beliefs often leavehim cold

    and skeptical of professedprophecies

    based mostly on hearsay andtales twice-told,

    not carefully testedhypotheses.

    This doesn’t make him anatheist, though.

    He’s more like aninvestigative sleuth

    who seldom proclaims things hedoesn’t know,

    since he’s a stalwart apostleof truth.

    He’ll all too gladly applyhis method,

    should God allow Himself tobe tested.



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    How could you be an atheist if you can't define God?Is somebody who considers the word "God" as one without meaning an atheist?
    In my view it is the theist who invented the word "atheist", just like he invented the word "God". For him those words seem to mean something, but I don't understand what exactly, moreover, the theist seems just as ignorant about God.
    Concluding, although the poem may have its merits, for me the last sentence makes no sense.

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    I believe that the true scientific spirit asserts beliefs only about things it can test by experiment.  As far as I know, no one has ever proposed an experiment to determine anything about the nature of of any deity.  If alternate realities and other dimensions can be approached through the scientific method, these indirect methods should be applicable to the spiritual.  My implication in the last couplet is that God doesn't want to be found, but should be testable if there is any meaningful effect from a deity (thus "allowing" scientific experimentation of the spiritual).

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