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    Serious questions have been raised about the integrity and validity of research performed by a well-established German stem cell research group.

    A paper published in the International Journal of Cardiology exhaustively details a multitude of discrepancies and contradictions in papers from the researcher’s group.

    Further, the revelation of such widespread misconduct may lead to broader disturbing questions about the reliability of scientific publications and the ability of the clinical research system to police itself.



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    Hank, I'm a German as You know. We Germans think other than the rest of the world. A lie is not simply a lie. A lie is the beginning of the truth! You only have to make the people BELEAVE IN IT and soon you have made your fantasies a reality (the mankind then has jumped collectively to the parallel universe, by the power of brain, ignoring all laws of nature, because we make new ones, using the inborne divine capabilities of the blessed ones).
    (Somehow like this, it' an insane, may be drug triggered, tragedy)
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    Check out this report on the a German stem cell clinic offering treatments for ALS patients;http://informahealthcare.com/doi/pdf/10.3109/17482961003755005

    The report is by http://www.alsuntangled.com/ who try to take an objective look at various treatments offered for ALS/MND.