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    Evolution theory was suggested as an answer to one of the most intriguing questions: How was the variety of biological species on earth created? Contemporary evolution theory is based on biological and chemical changes. Many believe that life started from some primordial chemical soup.

    Does evolution have a deeper root than chemistry? Is there a physical law that is responsible for evolution? The book "Entropy-God's Dice Game" advocates a positive answer.

    There is a semantic differentiation between “natural things” and “artificial things”. Namely, natural things are created by nature and artificial things were made by us. Is there a justification for this egocentric view of the world? Here it is argued that both “we” and the “things” we make are all part of nature and are subject to the same laws. From holistic point of view, the computers, telephones, cars, roads, etc. are all created spontaneously in nature by the same invisible hand that created us. There are no special laws of nature for humans’ actions. A unified evolution theory should explain the origin of our passion to make tools, to develop technology, to create social networks, to trade and to seek “justice”?

    In the book "entropy-God's dice game" we claim that entropy, in its propensity to increase, is the invisible hand of both our life and our actions.

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