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About krishna menon I am a popularizer of science and philosophy. I have written books in Hindi to do this. I have published three of my books (1) Darshnik gana, part 1 & 2,(2) Vaigyanik gana part 1&2. (profiles of great scientist and philosophers of ancient world. These are book meant for school children. And a Book on Socrates ,named Hamaaraa Sukaraat, this is a book for college student. In this I have translated all the Socratic dialogues of Plato in Hindi, for the first time. My book on Plato, named Pyaaraa Aflaatoon,is also ready and may be published by the end of next year. My book on Darwin named Kraantikaaree Vaigyanik Charles Darwin is also complete. This book includes a new biography of Darwin in Hind by me and also many other translation of 19th century which were written in the wake of Darwinian controversy ( one worth mentioning piece is the Hindi traslation of a drama called Plato and Darwwin.) It also includes the synopsis of the major books written by Darwin. My Idea is to translate all the six great Greek related material in Hindi viz.Socrates, Plato, Aristotle,Hippocrates, Euclid and Archimedes. Then I intend to write a book similiar to the one I have written on Darwin, on Galileo, Lavoisier,Euler. From amongst the philosophers, I intend to write the similiear books on Liebniz, Descaretes, Spinoza and also n Marx.
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