Chessboxing For Science

What does chessboxing have to do with science? Let me tell you a little story...It all started...

A New School Of Thought

How do we learn best? It depends on the individual! In the video below, Salman Khan is demonstrating...

Citizen Scientist 2.0

What does the future of science look like? About a year ago, I was asked this same question...

The Open Science Summit Is Almost Here! (And I Need Your Help!)

“The sweetest and most inoffensive path of life leads through the avenues of science and learning...

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Andrea is a Behavior Therapist and Consultant for children on the autism spectrum, residing in the state of FL; her background is in cognitive neuroscience and psychology, with expertise in Asperger’s

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One of my top 5 favorite TED talks from TED 2010, Michael Specter speaks about how society needs to embrace science. We shouldn't place more importance on ideology than scientific data, on politics over common sense. When we fight scientific progress because of our ideological wars, we run the risk of sending our world back into the dark ages, before we had any control over disease or famine.

We can solve some of these problems now, if only we would let science be the unbiased method of innovation and progress to generate real solutions, instead of fighting it every step of the way.
It's that time of year again... Geek Pop 2010! What is Geek Pop, you may ask?

From the website:

"Geek Pop is a free online music festival featuring artists inspired by science. Every year, we bring together musicians from around the globe in a gleeful celebration of geek culture. You can find all the performances at the website or download them and listen to them at your leisure.
Just being in the presence of attractive women make men do stupid things-  or at least take more risks, according to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

According to researchers, testosterone levels increased in men when attractive women were present. Since testosterone is a sex hormone, and has also been shown to play a role in fight-or-flight responses and risk-taking behaviors, this result is not surprising. Is anyone shocked to find that men subconsciously try and "be more manly" in front of pretty females? I filed this study away with the other blatantly obvious papers under the heading "Well, no kidding." 
Early last month, the now-famous paper by Dr Andrew Wakefield that supposedly linked vaccines to the onset of Autism, was formally retracted by the Lancet, the journal that published it back in 1998. This was a monumental decision, considering it was the conclusions drawn from this paper that launched the firestorm of debate around the safety of vaccines, and likely the cause of the current vaccine crisis.
I came across this video for "This Too Shall Pass" by OK Go, and was absolutely amazed at the amount of creative genius packed into this four-minute piece of eye candy. You have to admire the flawless execution of low-tech physics combined with music and choreography.

I also wonder.... just how many takes did this require? Considering it is all one uncut stream of video, I imagine it was quite a few.

Anyone who loved to create installations as a kid reminiscent of the game "Mousetrap" has to watch this video. Enjoy!
This made me laugh today. I heart xkcd...

Link to the xkcd page