Evolution is Intelligent Design
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    Yeah, so, they might be a little light on the mechanistic side (i.e., their concept of mutation is a bit Fantastic Four-y), but I've got to give props to nocc design studio for their new collection "radiation" for both generating a chair that I would like to own and drawing inspiration from evolution.
    hypertrophy chair
    The basic concept of the collection was to imagine the versions of archetypal furniture that might occur if the furniture's "genes" were mutated.

    The real beauty is that in their imaginings they developed many variants and THEN considered whether the variants were beneficial or deleterious. Like variation in nature, most variants were deleterious (i.e., they came up with some really uncomfortable looking chairs.
    Mutant Chairs
    While some artists and designers try to capitalize on niche markets by making a nod to science and nature, nocco has embraced evolution in an intelligent and artistic way. Not only does evolution benefit from their aesthetic representation, but their design benefits from an understanding of science and by embracing the way our world actually works. 

    The next time someone tells you that science takes the beauty out of the world, you just show them the "hypertrophy chair". 

    *Hat tip to Designboom.


    their design benefits from an understanding of science and by embracing the way our world actually works.
    Which is why tables and chairs are not at all well adapted to a nomadic lifestyle, being unwilling to learn how to navigate.
    "See! the Table and the Chair
    Have come out to take the air!"
    But in going down an alley,
    To a castle in a valley,
    They completely lost their way,
    And wandered all the day;
    Till, to see them safely back,
    They paid a Ducky-quack,
    And a Beetle, and a Mouse,
    Who took them to their house.

    Edward Lear.
    shouldn't the chairs look more like rocks with various sized "bowls" in them for sitting and couches should look like fallen trees with mushroom armrests

    tables and chairs don't look natural at all - no matter how many elongated or extra bits stick off of them

    The starting form were archetypal pieces of furniture (think Platonic furniture, which Plato goes on and on and on about), not evolving the chairs from natural objects. I think you are thinking in terms of abiogenesis (chairogenesis, if you will), when what these designers were doing is analogous to microevolution - given a form how does variation in that form affect its fitness. 
    ¡¡¡Of course Evolution is ID...!!!
    Evolution could be the simplest and smartest manifestation of ID (if there is such a thing as "ID"), it's so simple and efficient, that simple, primitive and fixed minds can not understand it.

    There's no better form to keep life alive, that providing species a way to survive to the changes of environment and taking advantage of the nutrients and energy supplied by depopulated niches and varied and continuous changing circumstances.

    The trouble with ID begins when someone tries to asseverate, or even worst: impose others, that configurations, forms and shapes of living objects (life) are immobile, static and eternal because they are "purfect per se" and can not change because some theoretic "entity" (a perfect God or gods, whose rules come from and exist only in very little, inflexible, not evolved and not evolving primitive minds), created them just as they are: "purfect".  Life formulated in that way should have disappeared a long time ago, and in fact: it could never have existed.

    The only permanent thing in the universe is "Change".
    The other senseless question that may stay in the air is: ¿Is there a God behind evolution or not...? ...but even to try to answer it, is for not avail at all...
    The only permanent thing in the universe is "Change".
    Augusto: is that statement to be relied on permanently, or is it subject to change?
    Haha...! Good that one!
    I could only tell you that I always lie.

    I think the author of this post probably means "evolution by natural selection rather than "evolution" simpliciter. There are many other processes by which evolution occurs, many of them non-adaptive. These include genetic drift and the broader class of chance events such as catastrophes or other rare ecological conditions, mutation itself, and historical and design constraints. Sexual selection often conflicts with natural selection. One of the chief arguments against the arguments of ID supporters is that there are many examples of foolish design in evolution.

    Actually, I meant just evolution, as their artistic process includes at least two of the forces of evolution: mutation and selection. Mutation introduces the variation. The choice of items to actually manufacture and sell is selection. Drift and migration could be incorporated by randomly picking items to sell and by having "chairs" migrate into the "table" category and seeing how fit they are.

    While we are being pedantic, though, it is technically artificial selection, not natural, as the furniture are not propagating themselves.
    While we are being pedantic, though, it is technically artificial selection, not natural, as the furniture are not propagating themselves.
    Never heard of catenane catenii Ikea then?
    Excuse my ignorance* Patrick...

    I have not heard about of "catenane catenii Ikea". Just for curiosity, what is it?

    *(I don't speak haiwaiian or whatever it is, Ha!).

    catenane catenii Ikea

    Augusto: it's Latin
    catenane = chair.  I use it here generically as 'furniture'.
    catenii - chain, also 'join together'.
    Ikea = IKEA, a well known chain store which sells self-assembly furniture.
    Gratiae multus
    Are you sure?

    In my idle time (and I have some of it) I tried it on an Internet dictionary and this is what it told me:

    catenane catenii Ikea
    Two words            
    May be 2 words combined (cate+nane) If not obvious, probably incorrect
    cat.e                N      2 1 VOC S M                 
    catus, cati  N (2nd) M   [EABCM]    Later
    cat; wild cat; kind of trout; siege engine; male cat (L+S);
    cat.e                ADJ    1 1 VOC S M POS             
    catus, cata, catum  ADJ   [XXXCO]  
    knowing, clever, shrewd, wise, prudent, circumspect; shrill/clear (sound);
    cate                 ADV    POS                         
    cate  ADV   [XXXEO]    uncommon
    well, sagaciously, wisely, intelligently; clearly; slyly, craftily, artfully;
    nan.e                N      2 1 VOC S M                 
    nanus, nani  N (2nd) M   [XXXEC]    uncommon
    catenii                          ========   UNKNOWN    

    Ikea                 N      0 0 X   X X                 
    Assume this is capitalized proper name/abbr, under MODE IGNORE_UNKNOWN_NAME

    Nevertheless... I didn't understand anything either, so I'll take your words as true... Ha!

    Are you sure?

    OOOOps!  My bad!
    I need new glasses - I read my own 'chain' as 'chair'.

    It still works, though:
    catenane = chained together, put together, joined like a chain.
    catenane - assembled
    catenii - chains
    IKEA - a chain store

    Remind me never again to try writing puns in Latin!  :0(
    It came to my mind that the existence along the time and changing circumstances of any kind of living or replicating things (call them furniture or even MEMES) is tied or is subject of evolution.

    Civilization (western) itself may be another example of it.

    Evolution is based on the movement flowing through influences of the elemental factors making up the chemical reactions the movement being the radiant energy

    Mutation being defined as the variation the most direct connective movement of the electron clouds around every atom making up the form. Based on the chemical reactions most commonly taking place there forms a pattern. The selection is not self produced but influenced by the forms of pattern existing in that portion of matters space time. If there is an art form to evolution it would have been imprinted in an artists existence. Is there an artist that could imagine the movement and calculations of so much change. I think that is one of the oldest controversies.

    Let me add a note of humor sense to this forum (spanish)...

    ¿Te fumaste un lumpia Lance...?

    ¿Te fumaste un lumpia Lance...?
    ¿Que hace Lance?  Quizas hace chistes.  Si no, quiero lo que está bebiendo.  :)

    Talking of intelligent design:

    Sir, they have cracked the human genome code.

    Darn hackers - I am going to have to change the password!

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