Geek Chic: I Told You So
    By Josh Witten | August 6th 2009 11:40 PM | 3 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    A while ago, I warned of the developing geek culture making it cool to be a geek.  Technically, I was probably about 5 years late in this warning, but a recent article on the girls geeks love and a article on how to raise a geek girl confirmed that the geek culture is here and is planning to stay.

    Felicia Day*See to maintain any geek street-cred, I have to pretend that this butt slap o' thanks is completely non-platonic because I'm totally smitten with Felicia Day, which I'm not (but that is mainly because in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog her character, Penny, totally did it with Captain Hammer, which is gross despite Captain Hammer being played by Nathan Fillion, whose character was really cool in the Firefly pilot and pretty cool afterward, cause Fox executives suck), but I am mostly entertained by her professional work and we still like to see some more non-drop-dead gorgeous female stars with talent like you see on British television.


    Becky Jungbauer
    I loved Dr. Horrible. I do wonder, though, if she really did nail Captain Hammer - he was such an arrogant blowhard, he could have just been saying she did. Did you watch the applications to the Evil League of Evil?
    Possible, although I think my interpretation is reasonable.  It was also necessary for the note/rant. 

    And, no, I have not watched the applications, yet.
    Becky Jungbauer
    I think your interpretation is likely correct. I'm just pretending it isn't since I find him repulsive (in the show).