SENATOR ORRIN HATCH (R-UTAH)Senator Orrin Hatch from Wikipedia (Public Domain)
Known for his various musical talents and having all his shirts custom made to fit an impossibly narrow neck, Hatch does not join the Festival of Idiots because he lost the Republican Presidential nomination to W

Senator Orrin Hatch wrote and strongly supported the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).  DSHEA stopped the previous FDA method of  dietary supplement regulation (banning "unapproved food additives"). 

Now, dietary supplements are not required to prove that they either are safe or effective before going to market.  DSHEA does not allow dietary supplements to make "disease" claims, but does allow vague and unsubtantiated "structure and function claims" like "immune-boosting" or "maintains a healthy circulatory system". 

The FDA cannot even monitor that dietary supplements contain the ingredients they claim until a safety problem is reported. 

For endangering the health of his fellow Americans through his legislative efforts, we thank you, Senator Orrin Hatch.

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