On Wednesday, the Guardian (a newspaper that still has journalistic integrity) reported on a study (PDF of executive summary)by South Africa's Medical Research Council on rape and HIV.  The study found that 28% of men (sample size of 1738) admitted to having raped a woman or girl, and half of those reported committing multiple rapes.  They also found that 5% of men admitted to committing a rape in the past year.  Although women are the primary victims, 10% of males reported being raped by another man, with 3% of men admitting to raping another man or boy. 

So called "corrective" rape (warning: video is not visually graphic, but is disturbing) is also being used to "convince" lesbians to be straight.

The silence?  An estimated 88% of rapes go unreported.  The culture?  Only 7% of reported rapes lead to a conviction. 

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