“Not only a new kind of community but a new kind of man comes into history with the development of the Jews.” (H.G. Wells:“A Short History of the World” Chapter 22 “Priests and Prophets in Judea”, 1922)

Racism, “a new kind of man”, written by one of the brightest minds who did no less than predicting and warning the world about the second world war:

“... ; and if the great war had not come in the form it did it would have come in some similar form – just as it will certainly return upon a still more disastrous scale in twenty or thirty years’ time if no political unification anticipates and prevents it.” (H.G. Wells: “A Short History of the World” Chapter 67 “The Political and Social Reconstruction of the World”, 1922)

Today, the new right at times pretends that their scientific support, for example for the strong genetic determination of behavior and intelligence, is a novel development of modern genetics. However, those who came before us were still closely involved with agriculture and in the business of improving plants and livestock through helping Nature with its ‘Natural Selection’. Today, people such as Albert Schweitzer, who dedicated his life to the improvement of the situation of the Negroes, are known as “racists”, as bad people, because they wrote about the races not from wishful thinking, but based on intense personal observation, experience gathered over many years of dangerous personal sacrifice for the benefit of others. Many a modern person could avoid a lot of unnecessary harm if they simply heeded Albert’s warnings and stayed out of certain neighborhoods or fast food restaurants (Never try to just help! – Humans naturally hate you for helping them; it insults them, and some have less self-control than others!). But hey, we know so much better today, don’t we? We have smart phones and shit, so all is different now and only conspiracy theory tin-foil heads warn about the next world war.

The true scientist looks at the relevant time-scales, and the Jews came about as this peculiar race (on its novel evolutionary trajectory) in Babylon two thousand and six hundred years ago, and since then, with no changes apparent on relevant time scales, they are stuffed into the oven every once in a while. I don’t see the slightest hint for that they are not going to be stuffed again “upon a still more disastrous scale in twenty or thirty years’ time”, nor would I be surprised if such a prediction turns out to be overly conservative again by decades.

The Jews are an intriguing subject of consideration in many aspects. David Cole just mentioned self-harming, giving recent examples. But the Jews are in this dilemma for two thousand and six hundred years now. It can be said that it is typical for the intelligent generally, and therefore for the human condition quite generally, how high mental ability translates into disappointingly little ability to keep yourself out of what seems to be quite unnecessary trouble. And it belongs to this highly intelligent, highly educated idiocy to refuse to look at it this way, to instead scream out about that any such talk amounts to “they are bringing it onto themselves”, presented in a manner that charges justifying stuffing them into the oven, the Jews, or rounding them up, the intellectuals, as in so many a revolution. But as an Aspergerian I say I don’t give a moist rat’s behind about such autistic screeching and add this:

Especially as an Aspergerian, I think all those wise and benevolent who have given me such advice, saying in their ways more or less in effect this, namely that it is all great that I am correct in what I say and sincere and all of that, but if it only gets me into trouble, as I by some point long ago already should have known damn fucking well it does, then perhaps I am not as clever as I am thinking myself to be. Perhaps it is time to look into the mirror, change some strategies, some attitude, something other than blaming everybody else, telling them to change. Because, if you can’t change, guess how much those below you in mental ability have the ability to change. If you don’t even change, if even you don’t change, nothing will change.