I start with Bio-Evo (~580 words) although the Phil/Evo aspects (~890 words) are more fundamental. The latter are likely too difficult for most – but I encourage you to try - the issue of “holocaust denial” makes it at least entertaining.


Among the great apes, slavery is natural in all the races of the human (H). We should not be surprised about our personal slave behavior, as it comes natural. This co-evolution, or denied “back-reaction” of environment on the sub-systems is a general mechanism, consistently producing the denial of it, for example similar with rape:


Especially in environments where rape is a viable procreation strategy, there is co-evolved that females quite usually tolerate successful rape or show behavior that invites rape. Among the great apes (A) for example, rape is especially pronounced in the humans (H) compared even with the closest relatives, the pan (P), that is Bonobos (B) and Chimpanzee (C).




There is a crucial difference between rape and slavery. Looking into the races rather than species, rape is somewhat less prevalent in the less pigmented, the ‘Whites’, including North East Asians (NEA) (yellow from subcutaneous fat, not pigmentation!) and Caucasian Whites (CW) together, as is consistent with the northern environment they evolved in, both, low pigmentation and preference for family structure over rape. But we cannot say such for slavery.


Sure, slavery is more violent and racist among black and darker Semitic races, and the violence and “racist” nature of slavery was diminished and at times “slavery” officially abolished especially by CW, even followed by intense and prolonged affirmative action supporting the former slaves and all the children and their children and so on. (CW evolved to be “too” benevolent in the sense of that the current reality leads to that they now disappear on grounds of their relative benevolence and naïve trust.) However, among H generally, this evolutionary emerged pair of slavery coupled with being good slaves has not just co-evolved with social structure, but it is crucially functional in the enslaving social structures, leading to higher civilization in the first place, and how H behave in it, how they think, how they interpret everything around themselves consistent with procreating over many generations, meaning that the evolved behavior avoids being decimated by political or religious swings that easily occur perhaps even multiple times during one generation. Here is the crux: Evolved good slave behavior is being a good slave to whatever “truth” now, but more importantly to whatever “truth” will be enforced tomorrow, too.


For this reason alone, our defending some “truth” is not even about truth in case the “truth” happens to be coincidentally actually true. Truth is not about truth, but about deception! [Regardless of further problems such as formal non-definability or emptiness of truth (Tarski, Wittgenstein) or conscious experience being an “illusion” anyway in a naive closed physicalist description.]


In a nutshell: Do not be confused about how it can be that so many others, all those religious, or all those conservatives/progressives/Westerners/… are seemingly broken down into voluntary slavery to obvious lies, how they can “really believe” although smoothly transitioning between mutually contradicting beliefs. Neuro-typical H apes are already naturally broken in, good slaves, swallowing eagerly, saying “thank you for your enriching seed and lesson” with a genuine smile. Concerning what we believe: Again, the feeling of personal integrity and of being a single, continuous and self-consistent person is already the evolved, socially necessary illusion, the attribution error.


So we arrived at even more fundamental Phil/Evo aspects:

Any justification is fundamentally deception because there is no link from fundamental meaninglessness to why I should go on living. My a priori finding myself embodied in a world and the necessary physical causal creation myth involving emergence by algorithmic evolution metaphysically necessitates finding myself evolved to keep on living as one main irrational basis underlying all my rationalizations (for any evolved observer in any possible world). Also quite inevitably found by any acting conscious observer is my seeking embedding in social structure, because that is the substrate where the illusive feeling of responsible action in the now (“free will”) evolves in the first place; being forced to justify in such a way as seemingly consistent with the deceptions of the social environment. The latter, i.e. emergence of “conscious decisions” via ‘Myth of Jones’ scenarios, originates in the high efficiency of deception, known throughout evolved nature, because social selection according to whether systems simply follow a set of self-consistent (not self-contradicting or frustrated) stable rules does not necessitate the emergence of (self-)deceptive justification and the related illusion of being a responsible actor.


Wait a second – I am well over 600 words now, and so I shamelessly make a second part here.

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