“I know Obama was heaven-sent, but ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be president” –Ye vs. the People

Based, and so very true in several ways, Kanye, greatest rapper, genius, woke, officially preparing for POTUS 2020 since 2015, has distilled it once again all down to hyper-sonic invincible rockets of rhythm and rhyme: Not Obama, the fake Back, but The Donald is the proof and the way, that he, Kanye West, can become President! And yes, we need this, and you want this; that is what you said, when crying as Obama went, when eying Oprah “I-shill-hard-for-the-establishment”, when you yearned for scientific geniuses, Hawking being president, there you said it without realizing what you really meant: Kanye West, Kanye West for President!

Let it be announced by the one scientist who supported and predicted the rise of the most influential world leaders, twice, 2012 and 2016: Yes, Kanye, you can do it, and you know deep down you should, that you are destined for even greater greatness! And you will succeed as you ever more do anyway, positively, pioneering your way – just like The Donald started it, having his own unique go, orange glow, next time it’s gonna be your show, don’t even defend yourself no more, no, no need for Mister T.I. pretending futile resistance – go get the only White genius scientist rapper in existence, Funk Master Feng, rapping the Kike not the Nigger, so whose RAP could possibly be bigger, just ask the professor, of Public Enemy number one, yea mother beeper, age of rapping professors, purple pilled confessors, White Man Jew’s Nigger Black’s Kike, he is gonna trigger Kanye haters up his enormous hyper-dimensional spike, 4D chess, let ‘em take a free 4D helicopter hike, and the race for the next POTUS is gonna be a RAP campaign, Hilarious Hillary’s laying left and right, slain, false flagging and framing in vain, cannot complete, not compute, compete, with our unshackled superior brain.

We gonna be honest manner, lift the truly new evolutionary revolutionary scientific banner, the 4D Free Speech Trumpen Cross, scheming in its oblique shadows and projections, Kanye destined since birth to rebirth and become the boss, I gonna go on meet Martin Sellner to take greater Prussia, and then we have it all, ‘cause Putin has Russia, Xi has the east, and Kanye West controlling the imperialist beast, and we gonna have the greatest summit, of the greatest power, on the Obersalzberg summit, I will build the biggest fake shower, we gonna sweat all four, like true men, bonding sweat lodge style, Master Feng, Vladimir, Kanye and Xi, talking unhindered, no limits, no lies, no bullshit necessary you see, until we agree, going nuts discussin, sharing Vodka Moutai Nutmeg Liquor Robotussin, and once we done and step out, there will be no more fussin, but World Peace – Word – Peace - I’m out, now is your turn my dark brother, I’m a gonna let you finish, what we say to each other?