What is your sexual fetish, your kinkiest perversion? Are you a pedophile for enjoying blondes rather than feet? Analyzing where a system, such as a brain, “fails”, say after removing a subsystem by injury, can reveal how the system normally functions, what the system can no longer do. Separated connections dangle in the air still trying to function, and you can look right at them. Porn or masturbation are for many a failure mode and reveal much about human apes; a valuable source for the bullied autistic who tries to survive in social systems and their pervasive deception. Rape is an evolved and common procreation strategy among, for example, ducks and human apes. Rape is always a failure mode, also if a system justifies its “raping”, because by using/thinking the concept “rape” does the system admit that another social system, say the “victim” or “enriched target”, evaluates the rape at least initially as a failure of safety/security/protection mechanisms.


There has been at least one mainstream movie ("Taken" with Liam Neeson, 2008) about Caucasian White female teenagers being kidnapped and torture raped into obedient sex slaves for sale, by Albanian dungeons all over Europe and to Middle East customers. Such is expected from human nature; mentioning UK “grooming gangs” may be counterproductive, because none of these are recent phenomena. However: The sold fantasy is more reliably revealing than whatever reality behind it, which comes to us through the media and is therefore extremely distorted anyway. The porn about such seems to focus on depicting Negroid Black customers, not Middle Easterners, raping Caucasian White women. Now we can ask many questions, for example:


- Are Black porn actors more numerous than Middle Eastern ones?

- Are Blacks the customers of the porn rather than the girls?

- Who sells this porn; is there a hidden message (the Jewish conspiracy angle)?


The reality of porn is that people, largely males, from Blacks to perhaps mostly Caucasian Whites, crave the fantasy of White women being raped in general, but especially by Blacks. As with failure (instead of well functioning), also absence is a revealing presence. Rape-porn generally apparently seldom shows negro women being raped.


You might have expected otherwise, perhaps thinking “Blacks are already associated with slavery and slave farms, so Black women fit perfectly into this scenario”, or “Rape preponderance in testosterone high, non-family based ‘fast-life-cycle’ procreation races predicts that Blacks enjoy this porn most and they do not mind Black porn actors generally, including Black females.”


A left wing progressive may say that “Whites want to see White women in their porn, especially the White females’ feminism being raped into submission, and the presence of Black rapists is to do with Whites being racists, seeing the Black man that way, as a wild animal”. Such involves multiple assumptions grounded on further ad hoc assumptions based in interpretations of biased descriptions of culture and distorted history.


The absence of Black women in rape-slave porn is consistent with Negroid women being the most undesired in dating, for example online, regardless casual/recreational sex or marriage oriented, regardless the race of the males. The racist premise is only one (i.e. simplistic according to you know who, or unifying and in line with Occam's razor in the eyes of science). It is based in biology and self-consistent algorithmic evolution theory as well as the empirically well established importance of intelligence for the procreation success of average individuals: The spectrum of White down to Black is parallel to the “Desired down to undesired” direction. Whiter offspring is desired. Both, the rape-porn’s White women and the Black rapists are understood: 1) Raping females having Whiter genes is desired. 2) The desired humiliation/degradation of the victim is maximized with the most undesired, the darkest rapist.


Note well that: The race and even the sex* of the customers no longer matters in the scientifically racist/sexist analysis! As usual, the left-wing progressive framing is the primitive “racist” as well as “sexist” one, exploiting the topic of race or sex, selecting victims on grounds of race and sex,  especially White males, and through all this however eventually of course always harming mostly those who are already at the bottom, Blacks, females, low IQ individuals, ... .


(* Females enjoy male-on-female rape porn far more than female dominance porn, consistent with biology, e.g. female tendency to accept or even partially invite rape, her later care for its offspring regardless whether more to rape inclined son or more rape-receptive daughter, both are advantageous in an environment that offers rape as a successful strategy of procreation as indicated by a true measurement the biological system clearly made: she has been raped.)


Does the popularity of (seemingly) submissive Asian females in porn fit the scientifically racist analysis? Yes. North East Asians are White in terms of average IQ and pigmentation; their skin is yellow due to the layer of fat beneath the skin, an adaptation to a variable climate including bitter cold winters.


I exercise benevolent perspectivism to lower readers’ “triggering thresholds”. I must not add suggestions for change in social systems, which is always a dangerous adventure, an experiment with suffering systems. Presenting some “solution” likely adds something wrong and soils the analysis.