You cannot make this up; as a movie this would be too cliché, unbelievable. Antifa and Jews are laughing hysterically. The Heimbach story was already a pretty good laugh. That revolutionary right wingers at the forefront of the movement are literally overweight neck-bearded trailer park trash knocking up each others’ step moms in their squeaking mobile homes – again, a movie plot depicting this reality would be rejected as too cliché. But the Heimbach story is nothing compared to what came to light these days.

These proud Whites, and involving a whole bunch of different such right wing groups, have, while making fun of the lower average IQ of colored people and their difficulties with modern society and “dem computas an sheiiit”, while telling us all about how a mere 2% of Whites are necessary to help the colored with everything down to Africa’s agriculture, while also however refusing to acknowledge the Ashkenazim Jewish contributions to civilized society, insisting that all would be much better without those anyway mere 2%, while doing all this, they have, sit down now, put your drink down, have no sharp objects close, here it comes: In order to deal with dem computtas and dem intertubes, they have passed around a barely disguised Jew to do it for them – a single Jew doing all of their critical IT! Bahahahwhaaahahahaha!!!!!!

Without these necessary 2%, that one Jew and his connections, ‘DailyStormer’ would have long ago disappeared and be as successful as a South African farm field fertilized with Boers’ blood. Is there anything more ironic and revealing and confirming all that I have said about such over the years?

Hundreds of proud White Nazis don’t find three people among their own who can deal with dem internets, and so they turn to that one guy that some day just pops up, a super-smart incarcerated hacker suddenly released early (no red flags here), since then the Nazis’ IT wizard, passed around from red-pilled cell to revolutionary group preparing for the final solution of the JQ, and the real kicker is if you look at that guy’s picture: Basically Woody Allen, or imagine somebody walking out of a synagogue, only cut those long curls dangling on the sides and remove the balloon thingy, and there you have Andrew Auernheimer, a.k.a. Weev, the IT guy crucial for much of the most visible right.

A Heimbach goy will be incarcerated for being so smart as to publicly announce having destroyed a hard drive with evidence. Weev may well have forwarded all that information already since a year ago. Here is the cleverly deceiving, bastardly baby-Jesus-eating way in which that darn kike is doing these things to 'em poor Goys – it goes something like this according to Chris Cantwell:

“Hey, Goy, ah, I mean comrade, ha ha, just joking, its Weev, your favorite brown eyed black haired Aryan, I hear you got trouble using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer? Can you just give me the root password and I have a quick look? I ain’t not gonna look at no nuthin else, no worry, 1488 man. Thanks man, Heil Hitler mate!”

Cantwell, being relatively smart, did not fall for that. Andrew Anglin is in on it, as I have suspected since the beginning. I was always happy about that interpretation and support Goy-Jew collaborations such as the two Andrew’s or for example Douglass Mackey (Ricky Vaughn) who got Paul Nehlen to give (((the Man))) access to supporters’ information. Such small collaborations of Goys being guided and supported by Jews have done more to shift the Overton window and make some important, widely denied science known than I was able in my whole life as a scientist and writer. At the same time, they have been far more efficient anti-fascists, too, countering naïve anti-Semitism while keeping it alive as necessary for Whites to keep handing over power voluntarily (without needing to admit lower average IQ and being too trusting for modern society, which is something that neuro-typical humans perhaps just cannot admit, so deception it has to be for now, regardless unintended long-term consequences – who am I to claim otherwise, how would I know better?)

They simultaneously shaped the far right and took them over, growing it, just so as to be able to exploit it for getting the desired POTUS elected, all the while being able to split the thing as desired, as done right now, removing Cantwell and similar for refusing to swallow the purple pill and taking a role in controlled opposition. All of it is awesome, A++, and wildly entertaining - I bow down in respect.