A general trigger warning I will link to in some future articles:

The following text is quite likely disturbing. Relax and be assured about that this is so because you are evolved and shaped to perceive as required to function in certain social structures. I know, you are afraid, about that evil people take over and threaten your existence, those others that you cannot understand how it could be that they are like they are. I understand why you are the way you are:

I understand all necessary to grasp how you and I are the same in all the ways in which such is meaningful, philosophically, quantum physically, biologically, and psychologically. That which I will show you about yourself, if at times it seems as if I do not respect you as a suffering being as much as I am, is therefore mere self-depreciation.

If you are now the same as you are still now and now and now, then you and me are fundamentally the same. With this in mind, the ways in which we desire to identify so as to be different, biologically, psychologically, can be approached without hate and the rivers of blood that will of course still be spilled, can be better foreseen.

If at times it seems as if I blame you for what your ancestors have done, or what those of your race do, or what the one you were in the past did, than you can rest assured that this cannot be the case for I myself refuse all responsibility for what I have no choice about. I find myself in my present, always, right now, and there is nothing I can do about it, and all memory that I have access to is simply what I found myself with, with no way to assure that it is “mine” in any other way, and therefore, even if I found in my memory that I once agreed upon all this that I now am supposedly to suffer for, I reject it, as I am finding myself right now again anew and there is nothing whatsoever that I can do about it.

The concept of sub-species or ‘race’ helps appreciating individuals without undue bias. Only a good awareness of the concept of race includes knowing about the statistical variations that can make us expect individuals with properties that deviate far from their racial averages. Denying the scientific concept of race leads to the opposite, namely for example that personal experience with members of other races leads to unconscious bias toward all with a similar appearance. Such mental mechanisms evolved for several important reasons. Denial simply lets this work without any rational supervision.