Poison As Medicine And How Venom Can Sometimes Be A Savior

“I moved to California to die.” Ellie Lobel was 27 when she was bitten by a tick and contracted...

Talk About Hot Flashes: Warmer Waters Might Make Fish More Aggressive

Climate change may have a previously unforeseen impact on coral reefs: it may make some fish more...

Scientists Discover Why Suffocation Causes Fear

Around 5% of people are claustrophobic, fearing tight spaces and restricted movements. One of the...

Economizing Happiness: What's It Worth To You?

Dr. Paul Frijters has recently made the mainstream news go haywire. It's not because he was recently...

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Hi world! I'm Christie, science blogger and PhD student in the CMB program at the University of Hawaii. Having gained a B.S. in Marine Science from Eckerd College, much of my view of the world is... Read More »