We currently have an 'ad space' that promotes the site on the Kindle but very few people seem to use it - we have subscribers but they almost all came through Amazon.   And dealing with Amazon for the Kindle was even more annoying dealing with Apple for the iPhone (Apple to such an extent where, by the time the approval process was done I tanked the iPhone app idea - if you want an app for free, it is easy, otherwise Apple only wants Apple to make money) so we have no relationship with them.

Plus I am skeptical that unless there is a big jump in that technology people are going to buy Kindle and just download some stuff versus an iPad where they can read live content and books.

Given that, what are some new ideas we could do with that space?   On the front page we have a framework that has to be consistent (on article pages they vary in size so there is a lot more room) but we could still do a lot with it, either for writers here or the broad science community.