Mark Changizi on ScriptPhD And Andrea Kuszewski at the H+ Summit
    By Hank Campbell | May 27th 2010 03:04 PM | 5 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments


    I spent two hours today writing an article explaining 13C deviation in paleontology and 4 minutes writing this blurb about author appearances elsewhere.  Guess which one is more popular?

    Lesson: You are all attention whores.
    Andrea Kuszewski
    Me, me, me..... all about ME. Hahahhaa... thanks, Hank, for the plug! :)
    Mark Changizi
    That's just because Kuszewski and Changizi roll off the tongue.
    Even Campbell isn't that easy for some.  After listening to a young woman butcher my name twice I finally asked, "I guess you eat Progresso, right?"

    She didn't laugh.
    Did you take in her girth? If she was tipping the scales and you said, 'I guess you eat progresso, right' she probably took it as, 'I guess you do some eating'