As we start to move toward version 3.0 of Science 2.0 we'll be testing out new modules and features here and there.    One of the things on the page you can see now is a tab for Hot Topics and Cool Links.   Hot Topics you already know but Cool Links is a page with links and interesting stuff from other sites that may not merit a whole blog post by anyone on our valuable real estate, but are still interesting or fun to share.

So everyone with moderator access can create a new cool link, just like a blog post except it is a community page.   From there, if you go for that sort of thing, you can only interface with social media sites via the tool bar.

Let us know what you think.    Patrick knocked this out in a day yesterday - he was here at the house and I told him he had to watch the British Open until it was done, so it was like some whirl of hands, keyboard keys clacking, and Doritos crunching.  He did a terrific job.