The last time we did this, in October 2008,  Science 2.0 Gets A Version 2.0 had a nice ring to it.  Version 3.0 not so much.   But once per decade, whether it needs it or not, we do new features and generally try to make things better without, you know, making it worse.

So we are going to start discussing some ideas.   An obvious one is to find other 'science 2.0'-ish companies and do things with them.

Obviously Science 2.0 is more than communication, it is also publication, participation and collaboration, and my thinking was someone ... anyone ... would do a good job on collaboration but I am not sure they have, so if there are ideas on how that could work as part of a bigger framework let me know.    It will be tricky and take a load of bread to capitalize so that may not be reasonable.  The reason none of them have taken off is because people want everything free and in actual tools, that is not possible.

There are many, many places to publish in peer-review fashion but if we think that needs to be done, that would actually be the easiest so we can discuss it.  Participation is done by companies like FoldIt and Galaxy Zoo and maybe more so we could talk to them about partnerships.

Those efforts would also happen in parallel so in the meantime I'd like to find a way to get as many ideas as possible on the table so does anyone know of a good way to do that?  Would it be a huge chat online thing, video conferencing with audio?   How do we do product planning and include the community when everyone is remote?  Email and messages seem sort of Science 1.0.