At Albion Bookshop in Oxfordshire on March 16th from 4-7 PM, Science 2.0's Catarina Amorim is hosting an afternoon of stories, science for the everyday challenges and improv theatre. In between events, grab a cake, a tea or a glass of wine and take the opportunity to meet other members of the audience the scientists/performers:

Joana Andrade is an applied mathematician finishing a PhD in the much-more-interesting-than-the-name-suggests subject of “salt fingering” at Imperial College, London. Besides her research, she is interested in things like history, literature, linguistics and social activism. Joana is also known for making some of the foulest tasting jam known to mankind, a love of long walks in the country, wellington boots and for keeping above the flood in Berkshire, where she currently lives with her husband and two children.

Diana Prata is a biologist that has dedicated most of her serious time, in the past twelve years, to trying to unravel what makes a brain psychotic at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, where she is a Lecturer. Besides genes and brains, she spends her time playing around with music, dance and acting – an addiction she cannot get away from (… she does get particularly high on improvisation!)

After a couple of years training in London as a Dramatherapist, Tim Goldman is popping up again in Oxford’s most intimate spaces. A regular contributor at George’s Jamboree and The Furry Mic, this is his first foray into ‘science theatre’. He had a spell with the Oxford Imps a few years ago, as well as a one-man show at Oxfringe, and in last year’s festival appeared in Pinter’s ‘The Lover’. He also gives the drama and comedy workshops, ‘Playing for Laughs’, juggles, plays music and tells stories to all ages.

More detail: Oxfordshire Science Festival
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