An Interconnection Between All Things?

All matter within the universe is interconnected and holds within it, the memory of its interconnection. The laws of motion are an example of this interconnectedness. The motion of any one item or object literally does not exist unless it is in reference to all other objects within the universe. With a simple thought experiment, the interconnectedness between all matter can be easily demonstrated.

Imagine for a minute, that in all of time and space, and in all of the universe, there now happens to exist only one single heavenly body, and that one single heavenly body happens to be nothing more than a somewhat humble bowling ball (only now, in this strange thought experiment, this humble bowling ball might begin to become somewhat prideful, being as it has just been promoted to being the be all and the end all bowling ball for the entire universe)!

At any rate proceeding, this (now very important) bowling ball measures exactly 21.5 cm in diameter and has the mass of exactly 6.35 kg. This rather typical seeming bowling ball is now floating alone in a great void, floating in what we will now probably want to define as the exact center of all of the universe. 

At this point in my “thought experiment” I begin to grasp amongst my thoughts, trying to somehow regain my “bearings.” I feel instinctively drawn to define this one single solitary bowling ball as my starting point, my center of all things (actually now my center of the “one thing”), the center of this quirky new universe within my mind.

Now that I have in some sense defined the material specifics of my new thought-universe, I begin to attempt to define what the word motion might mean within my new thought-universe. Oh my! I begin to lose my bearings once again. For a brief moment I felt all was secure in my new thought-universe. I knew what the extent of my universe was, and where everything (one thing) was positioned in my universe. But now one small detail that I had not yet “buttoned down,” begins to emerge.

How do I now define motion in my single item universe? Can I allow myself to somehow define the motion of this single bowling ball sphere? Can I somehow now further define this solitary bowling ball as traveling up, down, left, right, etc., and at what speed? Is this bowling ball rotating, and again at what speed? A new problem now begins to appear over the horizon of my now slightly troubled thoughts in my new thought-universe. The problem of the exact relationship between the observer and the observed. Please note that until now, we had not yet defined the relationship between the observer and the observed. In order for this new thought-universe to exist as already defined, any observer would have to actually be the bowling ball.

Why must I “become” the bowling ball? Because the existence of any other point of reference would unfortunately automatically break the laws of my newly defined thought-universe, as by definition, nothing else can exist in this universe, not even an external point of reference! Ah, but my mind still craves an “external point of reference”, does it not? So let me create a new point of reference within my “bowling ball universe”, meanwhile trying to stay within my original laws in my slightly quirky bowling ball universe.

Strictly for the purposes of argument, I am now forced to define my own observational self as necessarily possessing a few certain superhuman powers. Yes, I am the bowling ball, but in order to properly allow myself to legally create some type of “external point of reference” I must now endow myself with two superhuman powers: 

  1. By my mere thoughts, I am now capable of laser slicing my bowling ball into any two or more parts.
  2. My new thought powers are also capable of creating what I will call certain experimental “force vector beams”. These “force vector beams” are capable of pushing, pulling, starting, or stopping any of the newly created "parts" of the bowling ball that I may have just created by having just “laser sliced” them off from (and thus now divided off from) the original, formerly whole bowling ball.

As with any action, the results of these new force vector beams must have their opposite and equal reactions. In other words, any force vector pushed against any one section of the original bowling ball, must also now have an opposite and equal reaction against which ever other fragment of the bowling ball from which this force vector beam had to have originated.

Also, any one fragment’s trajectory, or path of motion will exist only as a result of it’s reference to the sum total of all of the positions, paths, and trajectories of all of the other original fragments of my little original bowling ball universe. The sum total of all of this motion will be what I could rightfully refer to as the definition of where my poor original bowling ball had once reposed “at rest” before my destructive little “thought lasers,” and “force vector beams” first began to harass the poor defenseless thing.

All of this, despite the rather amazing fact that there are now some rather nasty rumors circulating about, that on a certain day, very long ago, this one particular bowling ball had once solemnly and majestically uttered the historic phrase, “Let there be bowling pins!”

All jesting aside, does not this little thought experiment in some way prove that all matter (including the matter that is ourselves) must in some very deep and fundamental way be interconnected?