As I mentioned a few months ago, lately I have been writing a science book for laymen. The idea is to focus on the history of CDF, a particle physics experiment that collected data from 1985 to 2011 at the Fermilab laboratory near Chicago.

Telling the story and the internal sociology of such a glorious and important experiment, which discovered the top quark in 1995 and produced many groundbreaking results in its 30-year-long history, would already be a fine justification of a book; but my aim is a different one - I would like to explain particle physics in a entertaining way, using as a basis the many anomalies that the experiment unearthed (and sometimes re-buried). The level of the discussion of the physics is not different to the one within which I usually stay when I write about physics in this blog.

I have worked hard at the project in the last few months, and the book is quite close to being finished; of course it never will be finished until it gets in print, so I am now in the process of moving to the next phase, which is the one of finding an agent on the US market.

So if you chance to know a good agent who deals with scientific texts and who might be interested in the project outlined above, drop me a line!