Have you recently obtained a Masters degree in a scientific discipline ? Are you fascinated by particle physics ? Do you have an interest in Machine Learning developments, artificial intelligence, and all that ? Or are you just well versed in Statistical Analysis ? Do you want to be paid twice as much as I am for attending a PhD ? If the above applies to you, you are certainly advised to read on. 

The AMVA4NewPhysics network is continuing to hire brilliant graduate students to do research within the network programme. Until now we have hired a student at the University of Padova (Department of Statistical Sciences), one student at the INFN also in Padova, and a student at the Université Catholique de Louvain. We are in the process of hiring a fourth student at the University of Oxford, and we have just published two more calls, at CERN and LIP.

The LIP call is for a 3-year position for a graduate student who will be enrolled in the PhD program in Lisbon. The successful candidate will do research in Higgs physics with the CMS experiment at CERN, and participate in a very rich training program designed to make her or him a very competitive young researcher on the job market in three years from now. The gross salary is in the whereabouts of 40000 euro per year, which in Portugal is very high. The LIP call is available here.

The CERN position is for two years; this is a slightly different position for two reasons. The first is that CERN will not enrol the successful applicant in a PhD program; the person will typically already be enrolled in a PhD program from another institution, and be willing to do research in Supersymmetry with the CMS experiment, by being based at CERN. Again, there is a rich training programme offered. The other reason this position is different is that it is paid even better than the others within the network, as CERN offers a "junior fellow" kind of contract to the student, regardless of the fact that the student must *NOT* have a PhD at the time of hiring. The CERN call is available here.

So, I look forward to reading your applications !