Climate change, stem cells, drug research and regulation, nuclear proliferation, biological terrorism agents, alternative energy technology, nanotechnology, personalized genetics, new computing technologies, nuclear waste storage, perchlorate in our drinking water, space exploration .... all reasons why the next US President needs competent people in key science and technology positions. To do this, the next President needs to make it a priority to appoint his chief science adviser ASAP, according to a new report released by the National Academies. That science adviser should play a critical role in choosing good science and technology leadership. Bush was criticized for the long delay in naming Jack Marbuger to be his science advisor, which meant that Marburger didn't have much of a role in shaping the administration's science and technology leadership. The science adviser doesn't get to dictate the appointments, but the political guys, if they are interested in reality-based government, should have input from a real scientist when making these decisions. Let's hope the next administration is ready to hit the ground running when it comes to science.