The monthly book club here at Adaptive Complexity has been on hiatus for the summer, and its revival is long overdue. Join me here on the second Sunday of each month to discuss a great (hopefully) science read. I don't limit my book reviews to Sundays or once per month, but the Sunday Science Book Club is set up so that you can read along and put in your thoughts, in the comments or on your own blog. So here is the schedule through December: October 11 - The Strangest Man, a new biography of physics giant Paul Dirac November 8 - The Voyage of the Beagle, in honor of the 150th anniversay of Darwin's Origin. (Why not read the Origin, you ask? Because, to be honest, if there is one book by Darwin that most readers are likely to have the patience to get through, it's the Voyage. It's also a great read - we're not simply settling for Darwin's second-best here.) December 13 - I Am a Strange Loop, about Gödel, systems, and consciousness. 30 years after his classic Gödel, Escher, Bach (GEB, one of my all-time favorite science books), Doug Hofstadter revisits his ideas, supposedly with more research and fewer Zen Koans than GEB. You have your reading assignments; I'll see you back here in October to talk about Dirac, genius, eccentricity, and quantum mechanics. I'm open to suggestions for future book club choices - leave a comment or send me a message. Read the feed: