The Jews. First they were perhaps just a little bit cleverer, perhaps by accident, but any process in natural selection is fundamentally describable as an accident. Or perhaps they started out just the same, but then by accident rather than choice at first, they started selectively breeding themselves, from rather arbitrary religious rules at first let those who could not read the scriptures leave, married the daughter of the richest to the cleverest rabbi, and so they multiplied just a little bit more advanced than is judged by the base measure of naïve bio-centic evolution theory, which is “success” as measured by sheer population number. What can advancement mean in the otherwise aimless, endgame-less drift of algorithmic evolution?

In a time when the church was the cradle of science that attracted thinkers, the Whites used their clergy as a dump for the less intelligent and refuge for gays. Perhaps by accident did their religious irrationality come to the conclusion that the clergy shall have no children, thus attracting male as well as female gays, and those sons who could not be expected to raise a family because they were of a low intelligence, and who therefore were not given a parcel of the family land, as the parcels are usually at the limit size of sustainability, held there by the cruel game of nature. Perhaps there was calculation, the expectation that if they forbid the clergy to marry and have children, many stupid do not multiply. The White Caucasians thus did partially the opposite of what the Jews did. The Jews bred their own for intelligence, starting to lift their average IQ.

But then, nature’s selection turned crueler still, and the aspect of humanity, human society, human morality being involved, worsened it, as so often, because it is also all 100% nature, fundamentally speaking. The Jews became more successful, in “clever” ways, and envy and hate were triggered around them. And at the same time, because this involves humans on both sides, violent murderous apes, socially naturally selected for deception and denial (self-deception), for fabulating, for in-group justification, and so on, the Jews were automatically selected for especially verbal intelligence – the type that helps a lawyer be a devils advocate. The North East Asians in their extremely seasonal, north-east-coast non-temperate climate, where selected for a somewhat higher visual-spatial intelligence, by the climate selecting for long term planning and K-type r/K-reproduction. This is in some non-fundamental sense “more natural” selection. But the Jews were now bred by the functioning of human social structures, the largest evolved monsters on this planet, and they were bred just like we apes do it to the dogs: Kill the stupid and let the intelligent multiply, and so you end up with Golden Retrievers and Ashkenazim Jews, the most intelligent races of these two species, canines and apes.

Over about 2000 years have the Jews, especially the northern ones, been expelled from innumerable places, perhaps 300 times if you try to list known places and times distinguished by the historical records. Hundreds of times have the more clever ones been able to foresee better and flee. Hundreds of times have the most intelligent ones had the connections and wealth or scientific status that allowed them to get away and repeat the cycle in the next place, while those in the lower end of the Jewish IQ distribution found themselves trapped and to a large extend killed.

And the verbal-analytic intelligence of the Ashkenazim Jews, admixed by high IQ genes from intermarried White Caucasian elite daughters, rose more rapidly, more than a standard deviation above the other races, thus making them, fundamentally speaking, in terms of how empirical science is coupled via statistics to the theoretical language games abstractly modeling their correlations and thus coupling proper terminology to “reality”,  -- yes indeed, I am justifying “classification,” how we properly classify, into different classes, yes including social classes -- … thus making the Jews also on this empirical dimension of verbal-analytical IQ alone, although it is only a single emergent parameter -- … thus making the Jews projected in this 1D sub-space alone a clearly distinguishable race, as their mean IQ is separated from all others' means by more than a standard deviation. Autopoiesis – evolutive self-creation, becoming, becoming distinguishable, emerging – what a beautiful algorithm, soaked in blood.

As a racist, I admire the Ashkenazim Jew. What a tragic yet intriguing race of apes, at once showcasing so many lamentable aspects such as how little human intelligence has to do with the abatement of suffering, how much rather with deception and denial, as they suffer so much and yet can change so little and are so much in denial, which they basically must of course, because otherwise, how could a highly intelligent system, more intelligent then those in the social structures around them, possibly function right in society, if not the denial of truths evolves to be more sophisticated so that this system can still believe illusions that are otherwise too obvious to be ignored? Only rather abnormal, sick, somewhat anti-social Aspergerian minds such as mine are able to let their pattern recognition run free in the space of taboos, seeking the light of darkness, their socially evolved diversion mechanisms not functioning well.

As a Germanic racist, I am of course intrigued by that Einstein and Wittgenstein, the two most impressive minds not only globally, for philosophy (both) and science (even physical science, both if you understand Wittgenstein!), and (coincidentally?) the two most important two shoulders that my most relevant work as a scientist and philosopher stands on, are both Ashkenazim Jews! If I, an independent thinker, idiosyncratically unique, had to name two intellectual influences or get shot, then these two are it, both Ashkenazim Jews with German blood are the crowning of German thought, the thought of Kant, the ultra profound, fundamentality seeking, unifying, bipolar-Schopenhauer/Hegelian thought.

The very top of creative knowledge was at once the historical peaking of German culture at its finest, intelligent German Kantian ultra-profoundness and White Caucasian Wittgensteinian enhanced empathy, of course, but is it not ironic (in the background of otherwise “established” narratives and interpretations), that this all got its crucial enhancement from the Jews, from Jewish verbal-analytical intelligence? [Well, admittedly also crucially Aspergers enhanced in Wittgenstein, especially the systematic affective-empathy-lack over-compensation through cognitive empathy necessary for cutting edge perspectivism. But nevertheless ...]

Is it not ironic, also how self-described “racists” fail to see that the Jewish race is by now a phenomenon that should be understood with far more sophistication than merely the image of the deceptive Jew that must be exterminated in order to save the White race or racial boundaries generally? You understand nothing about evolution if you think that the global dominance of the Jew through modern, illusively free, power-structure perception modifying social structures such as the media, is simply some competing apes being deceptive and that this can be positively answered by removing them and then riding into the sunset lit by the flames of their cremation. Again: the top of current evolution is neither the human nor AI, but the monster called social system.

Ironic to the point of utterly ridiculous is all of this! How some right wingers desire a non-Christian, more ethnocentric, less dysgenic, more modern-day acceptable religion because they realize that the neuro-typical human ape quite needs the “spiritual” in order to be fulfilled, and in a form that presents social connection and is socially endorsed, also because the main means of racial competition is still to multiply more than the others, kill others more than the others. How ironic that they hate the Jews, and yet the Jews have evolved quite precisely this very religion they seek – the atheist branch of Judaism – the pinnacle of insightful, self-aware, rational human self-deception for the abatement of one’s personal fears finding absolution in the uncertainty of “maybe I am wrong after all, maybe God is hiding in the absolute absoluteness that cannot be referred to, right there in the meaningless that has no name, untouchable to my relativism, maybe God is after all, is good, is there for me, so I can relax now.”

This has not yet been said like this by a racist about the Jews:
I can argue the following two positions:

Position 1: Consider two men who have the same verbal intelligence quotient IQ_v of about 150. One is an Ashkenazim Jew, the other a White Caucasian. The Jewish man is therefore only two standard deviations above the average IQ_v of his race. The White Caucasian however is already three standard deviations above the average IQ_v of his race. In complex systems, parameters are seldom isolated. If one is “abnormal,” so likely are others. “Abnormal” depends here crucially on classification, but the racial classification is here the most natural and thus unsurprisingly most reliably informative, and the classification/delineation via “abnormality” comes quite generally in around two to three standard deviations. Who of these two men is more suitable for a leadership position in modern society?

Position 2: Especially human verbal intelligence has evolved as a mechanism of (self-)deception (denial). The intelligent modern man is evolved to balance his dangerously objective powers of mind by means of making himself believe in spite of cognitive dissonance. The higher the verbal intelligence, the more deceptive the given human ape usually is, and this must include self-deception, because in usual characteristically recursive positive-feed-back-loop fashion for evolved self-stabilizing self-creative constructs, the denial and deception is applied of course onto the very fact of this deception and denial! Arguments must be stopped well before they threaten an irrational core doctrine on which the discourse is held to be meaningful and authoritative against the fundamental failure of reference pointing to anything but in circles, social dance pirouettes. Intellectuals do not come up with all these idiotic theories and well intended revolutions and ideologies with their unintended consequences in order to deceive those less intelligent. Those less intelligent are manipulated easily. We intellectuals need to deceive ourselves – this is the problem! Raw intelligence leads to realizing too much of the truth. The human mind’s intelligence has not evolved for science and philosophy or making the world a better place. It has co-evolved with social systems – it is there so they function.

What did I now actually say, just now, not mentioning the Jew with a single word? Breaking taboos in the year of the frog 0001. This is perhaps all you need to understand right now.

Half a year ago, I sat down as an established scientist and wrote an endorsement of Donald Trump, a true leader, the man that has revolutionized American politics on his campaign trail alone, against an enormous barrage of deception by the media and other establishments. As a scientist, I deeply value academic freedom, the freedom of discourse, and that unbiased data are available at all. The Donald has shifted the overtone window. He has influenced world politics, Brexit, all in the direction of being able to say what a scientist feels should be said if science is to be of any worth in addressing suffering, resisting the evolution of the social monster that has us entirely enslaved and functions from our deceiving each other.

For a scientist, free and rational discourse, and that un-corrupted data are even available, are highly valued. Today, many scientists fear being found out having forbidden thoughts that do not square with the superficial diversity of feminists, transgenders, race-deniers, and so on excreting their pseudo-progressive, anti-scientific nonsense. Trump is a fresh wind. People find hope again and express what they think. May it blow deep into the stale smelly hallways of academia, too. A true scientist (rather than a careerist in science) endorses Trump. Trump widens the PC-strangled overtone window, the culture of that one cannot mention scientific truths such as the strong heritability of intelligence and behavior, or the genetics around empathy as well as crime and rape. A society that wants to stay competitive needs to protect valuable people such as scientists. It needs to give them the freedom to say what needs to be said in order to fulfill their special responsibility to society. The West decays rapidly, and science cannot help if it is strangled and silenced. But I diverge!

A long and intriguing endorsement of the Donald – but I tossed it away, because you, left and right, up and down, are never really roused by a scientist speaking the truth. Such is just a sorry loser in the rigged game even of his own scientific community.

Then I thought to write better to the real audience, the nasty, naïve-patriotic US Americans, making them aware of that the world leaders are China and Russia now of course, and that truly impressive and intelligent leaders such as Putin and Xi are waiting for The Donald, for The Great Negotiator from the West that can be allowed to sit with them at the table where world piece has apparently become a concern to benevolent men. That there could be “finally again a true Great American President” – yes Americans believe in such, this belongs to their creation myth. That there could be a representative who does not make leaders the world over roll their eyes and exchange knowing glances laughing in barely veiled secrecy about how silly and utterly in decay Western society is now. The US, lost, Western Europe, now also lost against the inevitable mathematics of reproduction, the average IQ in steep decline heading toward the threshold of about 96, where there is the smeared out “fine line” where societies either rise to become civilized or fall through in their complacency from having peaked, reverting from a relatively lawful society back to widespread primitively direct corruption and sub-group strive – rioting, looting, as it usual now in the US - and you know the neighborhoods where it is usual.

The fall is always nasty because the human is always in denial about it, and so they blame all others and often, everything around them is dragged into the abyss. World War III – I can hardly believe witnessing this stupidity in “the current year”, but they are apparently doing it again, turning Russia into a convenient enemy and provoking it. Must America’s fall take the world with it?
Do you want war, war with Russia, war with China, soon?
Or do you want The Great Negotiator?

Let The Donald Trump!

But then, I tossed it all away, because … oh don’t get me started.

No, this is it! In the year of the frog 0001, 2016 AD, the bestest current year, the year where the White man rises to shamefully acknowledge that he has neglected his responsibility for addressing suffering, which is his inherited urge, rationally, in this year, this noble creature that gave his own to stop slavery and yet took the blame, who freed his females and bears much suffering through that, again also taking the blame, as it is his compromising and benevolent character also reflected in his co-evolved Christian religion, the ideal Jesus sacrificing himself, offering the other cheek, -- in the year of the frog, 2016, he realizes that apologies and trying to be considerate and careful while addressing the truth do nothing but make you appear weak and encourage the witch hunters to come for you, the easy prey they can then inflate in order to boast with having taken down, coming for you rather than the strong ones who no longer care to hide what they really think. Was this even a sentence? The revolution of the heart is the revolution of the mind or it is but rivers of blood gushing again on top of their eternal, unstoppable flow.

No, you are not roused by an intellectual diverting his prowess away from the task of reinterpretation for the sake of denial. And so I talk to you today as a racist, as only such is rousing you, shaking you, triggering you to at least interrupt your usual routine, giving you a chance to listen. As a racist I must talk in 2016! And so, I do: As one of the most intelligent specimen of the White Caucasian race, bluish green eyes proving socially desirable recessive alleles, of German blood, the crown of the Caucasians, with its blunt honesty, profound humor beyond the grasp of other ethnicities, and intolerance for inefficient waste, I say to you, these are acceptable reasons in favor of Donald Trump, that he is my equal in all these aspects!

I say to you, and to the White racists I of course speak thus as a natural leader of their pack and this is therefore spoken with the authority that is to be obeyed as an order in that particular “natural order”, and as well, it is to be considered by all those who do not just feign a concern for the Jews out of despicable political correctness, to be considered as the word of one of the finest intellectuals who need not shy any comparison with the finest of Jews, having climbed beyond those ridiculously in construction of sophisticated denial, stepping in his teenage years on top of the Frankfurter school to then eventually piss on it:

Let The Donald Trump! Let The Donald Trump, for he understands the Jews and is therefore neither their enemy nor their deceived nor bought slave.

The right right rises! Let The Donald Trump or have the rise of antisemitism turn on the gas without windows in the delousing chamber.

Let The Donald Trump for world-peace.

Let The Donald Trump, or suffer the alternative!

Let The Donald Trump!

Upright citizens all over the world find new courage for free speech that actually somewhat matters – this is the year, 2016, the established narrative collapses, many lies of established history are widely exposed, the ever deceiving media and other establishments, including the scientific, desperately shut down free expression. Honest academics are prosecuted and lose their jobs at an unprecedented rate, comment sections are shuttered and scrubbed, Google search algorithms are tweaked to distort reality, FaceBook’s updated to keep people from touching the modern taboos, but this is 2016, and all this is just the current peaking of what has been developing for so long, for years, no, for eons. This is the year of the frog, the year of the Dutertes, the year of the Farages, perhaps the year of a Vongehr even, but certainly it is the year of The Donald, The Trump, the year he rises to give America one last chance.

Let The Donald Trump!

This is the poem that created this phrase.
Let The Donald Trump!

– this is the way, straight and unapologetic, the way of The Donald.
And so, as a racist I must speak for it today,
as the scientist alone is rendered impotent.

Let The Donald Trump!
This is how it is written! With Capital T’s throughout.

As a racist I must talk for it, and so I shall do.

The leftist tells us that borders are arbitrary – and she is correct! Why should a northern German let a guy all the way from Bavaria join his firm, but not a person from a few kilometers further south, 'south of the border'? Arbitrary! Yes, nationalism without race is nonsense. Socialism – yes – the accepted ideology on the left and the right, from Yellows to Blacks, because the social systems are the top predators. But nationalism? Without nationalism and racism, socialism does not work with human apes. The most advanced and stable nations are all “national socialisms”. Japan is – it has no low-IQ immigration and muslims are under secret service observation. Japanese help each other – a single Japanese girl trapped in the rubble of an earthquake screams for help and will be helped. Even in Germany today, she would be holding her breath afraid of being found out, raped and discarded for being a member of a light skinned race.

Socialism – yes. Nationalism – yes, rising all over the world. But who dares to put them together - who is the new Hitler? All the North East Asians do, China, Singapore, ... . And look at how they are doing, walking happily through safe streets, helping each other rather than looting when nature strikes. N and S together, the word I am not allowed to write without condemning it, not as a German, not without going to jail for it, because there is no freedom for a German now but abroad in exile. But practical racism is always the N and the S together, and the N and S together are always racism. Racism is just as important for high IQ human sub-populations as it is openly practiced in low-IQ populations, such as the strong negative racism between all the different shades of brown that I as a White cannot even distinguish.

And therefore, not surprisingly, the most successful “national socialism” as “racist socialism”, partially almost by cunning design in absence of a proper nation, is the Jewish international one of course! Accordingly, they own much of the world. Perhaps the Ashkenazim are such successful “national socialists” not only because the Jews are usually more intelligent than their host populations, but because the Ashkenazim are “national socialists” with lots of German admixture. “Ashkenazim” means German – not long ago they spoke Jiddish, which is almost a German accent. The German race is of high average IQ and strong empathy even among the Caucasian Whites. That is what made the German soldier so devastating – he went to battle not with hate but love and a deep feeling of responsibility for the world in his heart. Smart, honest, frank people, like Donald Trump. Easily deceived of course, especially in their masses, as we are all socially evolved, ridiculous apes. Here is to the individuals, the individual going his own way, like The Donald, this is our Western individualism. This is why we must be careful with the N and the S – our individualism must not be sacrificed for it. And right here appears Donald Trump, supposedly the new Hitler.

Donald Trump is the new Hitler? Really?
Well, if he is truly the *new* Hitler, then …

Let The Donald Trump!

How the Ashkenazim cleverly defeated their strongest competitor, the German Whites, and how this still plays out today, is one of the most intriguing stories never told. I have in my studies tried to find anything that is a bad genetic trait with the high IQ Jews – anything at all that could be taken as a reason to especially dislike them, for I want to understand those who I do not agree with – this is Pascal’s wisdom. I have found nothing that is not the same with other humans of high verbal IQ! Because that is what high-IQ is evolved for in human primates: We cheat each other and deceive ourselves. If the Jews have also bio-culturally found higher wisdom toward the recognition of this truth, so much the better. It shall be theirs to exploit as it is natural for elite. And the denial that stabilizes it, if you want to do anything about it, supplant it, you must first recognize it as what it is, its function. Denial of any of this cannot do so.

White Nazis despise the majority of their own race for being too benevolent, and they despise Jews because they are supposedly not as benevolent as the Whites, but just exploitative clever. Such contradictory idiocy adds to the self-sacrificing, self-destructive benevolence of the Whites – the type of Christianity that co-evolved with the later Caucasians. Perhaps the White race cannot be saved, and why should it then. Adults understand that true benevolence, mature responsibility, cannot be weak. You have to be strong sometimes and pay the price of causing tears. The Donald knows this.

Grow up, White man, grow up to become an adult.
The suffering of those below you is your responsibility if it is anybody’s at all.
No, there is no fault. You are not responsible on grounds of supposed faults. There is no fault, there is taking responsibility, for those who are less able to, and perhaps the Jews tragically belong into that category, and I am not going to apologize for that these statements are confusing on grounds of that the Ashkenazim Jew is a White also. Because these issues are not as clear cut as your simple mind desires – a standard deviation is a long way to go, but there are many directions in which to go.

Taking responsibility, that is our thing,
the White man’s thing,
this is how we succeed, this is how we will fail.

Let The Donald Trump!

And if he is allowed to Trump as he should and most likely will be,
do not think that you can sit down again.
You gave him your vote, you gave him your word.
You made him Trump that day, it is you who must make him Trump the rest of the way.
Your time is up. Look into the mirror and see the ape.

Some benevolent elite may take responsibility, yes fundamentally for the population numbers of all animals, much like we human apes do as we torture pigs and cows and so many others to death endlessly all the time, because otherwise, if responsibility is not taken, the fates of all suffering beings is in the hand of nature alone, as it always is, fundamentally speaking. But Nature is the cruelest thing. So, do you want the White man to be sitting at that table? Slaves who had the opportunity to compare being slaves of their own kind, such as the females of the Middle East still today, to the rule and rape by the White man, prefer that the White man also sits at that table, for of all evolved monsters roaming this planet, he is the most merciful and considerate after all. What hubris that so many privileged ignore the slaves and tortured creatures of this godforsaken planet and think to know better on grounds of piles of nonsense.

A new Hitler has arisen they say?
And he has blue eyes and embraces the Jews you say?
What else “new good news” are you waiting for?

Let The Donald Trump!