The current crisis in the US/West is of profound significance! This is not a mere economic or environmental crisis; it is not even a mere political crisis. This crisis is about the fundamentals of our social systems’ perception. Especially in a society that follows a democratic doctrine, media belong vitally to the perception apparatus of the social systems. Here is something almost none of you – NONE I say! – properly understand: You may be already aware of that there is a deep problem if the established media and intellectuals, that is precisely those that the society relies on to know better, to be their objective guide, is unable to see reality, for example the fact of that Donald Trump was winning all along. The next little step toward a better understanding is this, and this is where already most of you don’t even know this: Alternative media predicted Trump's victory all along! However, this fact is easily misunderstood. I am sorry, my dear readers, but once again, I will go on and present more than just one little step that most of you already cannot stomach. Reality is far darker, and so I will go on, because I write for those two or three sick souls who actually desire knowledge.

Before I go on and get to more “fundamental” truths, allow me to remain for another brief paragraph with what I just said, so that you understand the deep gravity of the situation: Those who get their news from places such as the DailyStormer (likely an undercover operation, but that does not matter here), which is the most anti-Semitic, most race-hating place since Julius Streicher’s “Der Stuermer”, are deeply satisfied today about that they have been told the truth all along, about that their media are again objectively proven to be telling the truth. And who should we thank or blame for such a mess, if anybody? You!

But let’s go deeper. Some of those who read alternative media are convinced that the issue is mere deception rather than denial, for example that most of the “official” polls have been selectively over-sampled in order to suppress the knowledge about how many people truly stand with Donald Trump. It is but one more tool in the well developed arsenal that is trying to destroy Donald Trump, but which is in place to silence all kinds of inconvenient truths. But the truth is neither this nor that. Of course I am aware that the right wing also biased their reporting in order to motivate for Trump. Nevertheless, the truth is not on this or that side: All sides are mainly caught up in constructing their own reality, justifying, rationalizing. There is no spoon.

And before the common mediocre intellectual is going to draw the wrong conclusion: Those on the far right consciously and even openly (!) use populism as a tool. They are forced to in this case in order to escape retribution, deflecting charges with “Oh, we don’t really want to gas the kikes; just trolling to shift the Overton Window –– a meme-war you see”. Transparent populism! If any of the two sides in this simple dualist description is more in denial of reality than the other, it is clear which one it is. Which side does not understand “democracy”, how it actually works? If I have to spell this one out for you, defending a political opinion and voting are not for you. Who knows how democracy works? China sure does! They don’t have half their intellectuals crying their eyes out these days.

The common Western intellectual, and this means science (!), and not just social science, is no better than at any other point in history. They are cogs, functioning to uphold illusions, justifying power structures, stabilizing constructions of “reality”. Those who point this out are supposedly “right wing”, because the intellectual establishment is self-described “liberal progressive”. Consistent with their distorted view, left wing people think that right wing dummies are lapping my shit up. But No!

A commentator told me to drop the label “anti-fascist” because it is mainly idiots who carry this label. But I cannot ever not be an anti-fascist, because I am Aspergers enhanced! The right hates me as much as the left and the middle, and for the same reason: I have the advantage of seeing the social as if from the outside. That perspective is dark and disgusting no matter the group. Aspergerian minds cannot but be anti-fascists simply on grounds of failing certain socially evolved functions of denial. This is the reason why many of us are today caught up in the fight against liberal-progressive idiocy. Since the 60s, they are happily creating fascism2.0, the update consistent with that the evolutionary emergent stratum turns around to enslave the lower level, the stratum of social systems no less than the multi-cellular ones having enslaved their cells, where there is no revolution left but only cancer.

Another revealing aspect of the current “discourse” around Donald Trump is how the charge of anti-Semitism is leveled, and I mean to emphasize how(!), not that it is. Sure, that he is called an anti-Semite at all is ridiculous. As I pointed out in my pre-election endorsement Let The Donald Trump, the right is rising anyway, all over the world, so one of the most important reasons in favor of The Donald is that Donald Trump is one of the few that far "right" who are not irrational enemies of the Jews. You have the choice; either Trump or have the gas turned on for real somewhat later. But most important for our understanding of reality is the “How”! Intellectuals call Donald Trump an anti-Semite on grounds of him attacking the corrupt establishment!

Underclass people such as me and you are called anti-Semites and destroyed when they dare to mention Jews [even if positively], let alone that Jews own the West, its media and therefore its “democracy”. However, here are these intellectuals, participating happily in such witch hunts, and while doing so, they say something even far worse: “Donald Trump is an anti-Semite because he calls out the corrupt financial and political establishment!” They are indeed saying no less than what Donald Trump would never say, because Trump would never be such a naïve anti-Semite as these intellectuals, who tell us that in their point of view, being against corrupt establishments equals being against Jews! They themselves, somewhere in their distorted minds, uphold the belief that the Jews are indeed a deceptive establishment, and moreover, this is the real kicker, they, the established intellectual elite, are here not to help us if such a corrupt establishment is then indeed the truth, but their role is to protect that establishment! This is the message folks, the very message that you need to grasp in order to glimpse reality.

This intellectual establishment considers its own role to be that of the protectors of deception, the deception that serves them and that they thus feel is vital for the functioning of society. And let me tell you from personal experience: Yes, this is what also scientists admit in secrecy to each other. IQ and race for example are seen as very important, but we cannot let these cats out of the bag. And if you ask them whether they really think that such denial does not go on and create far more suffering than it did already, whether science itself is not based on the wisdom about that we must protect our perceptions from our human biases, and that this is the right way to minimize suffering and make the world a better place, then the answer is: Silence! The fear is too large.

Why is all this so revealing? It also shows that nobody cares about what you actually say. In fascism as we have it today, what matters is whether your speech supports the deceptions. As long as it does, you are welcome to talk and publish. What you say must be valuable for the construction of a fake reality. And so it comes, for example, that I have several scientific papers, some of the best work that I have ever produced, surely some of my most widely relevant work, which I could all publish if I were to rewrite them so that they say something different instead of pointing out their scientifically correct implications. But since I am not willing, assburger ass of mine, these papers are utterly refused by all learned journals, for years. Just last week a journal answered with a single line about the writing style – this after they were told that the draft has been discussed and improved already with the input of some established experts in the field! And this rejection came after a long time without the paper having been presented to any competent peer reviewer. What were the editors discussing?

They were discussing what would happen if they were to allow certain truths to be openly said. Fear for their careers is part of it, but they are genuinely concerned about that certain truths would lead to the masses rising up. Against who? The Blacks and muslim refugees? The Jews? Yes and yes, those are their fears, but something even far worse than that: It seems to be against the intellectual establishment!

The ultimate betrayal is mentioning IQ-abelism. All this talk about sexism and racism is just there to protect IQ-abelism. You may even mention the strong racism among the “Coloreds”. But here we start turning toward the absolute taboo: Once you recognize natural IQ-abelism, you realize how Affirmative Action supports the unabashed, unopposed exploitation of Blacks by Black admixed Whites such as Obama – just for one tiny example – not saying that this example is important on its own.

You(!), cannot tolerate this one plain truth: Those with a higher intelligence deceive those with lower intelligence. You do not admit this, because you justify your own position with that you worked hard for it, that you deserved it, that it is not just luck, not merely the cards you got dealt when your parents’ genes were shuffled together.

This is what makes the illusion of White racism so convenient for everybody. The usual US “Black” intellectual for example, who is usually quite White of course, can justify herself: All those above are above me because of racism. All those below are simply lazy Blacks who did not get their act together like she did. She herself is the best. We are always the best, otherwise, we would have changed long ago for the better, and so we would still be the best now. You are nice. I am nice. Only the others are evil.

Some of you may now exclaim “Wait, this cannot work for everybody!” But it does, because the rationalizations are co-evolved and fit so well all over this evolved monster called “society”. Every single ape puts it all together just right inside its own brain, and so we function. The social-science faculty member for example. She must deny the importance of IQ, or otherwise, how can she feel so sure about her interpretations while more intelligent people point out how mistaken she is? Again, all those below, her students, the cleaning staff, they did not study enough. She studied enough – no need to waste any time on studying those “racist” theories properly.

I am getting tired about wasting my time trying to publish anything of relevance in the scientific community. Even some published sources admit that the conclusions of 40% of scientific papers are usually not supported by their data [Boutron (2010), see below]. And this is what can be admitted and about everyday science; it is obviously worse and far worse with the highly controversial stuff where you know for sure that money and politics is squeezing the levers, say Climate studies. Why, if we cannot take scientific publications seriously anymore, especially not in case of important issues, why should a person waste time and try publish there? Objectively, the DailyStormer, false flag as it may be, has brought more proper science into the awareness of far more people over the last year than I have been allowed to do in my whole scientific career. This is the sad structure of reality. And who is to blame if anybody? You! The normal human ape. Who else if not you? Me? I am just a sick outcast. You are doing it all.

Human intelligence evolved for deception and denial, not for philosophy, and it self-denies. Denial has to be denied, else it is not denial. Intelligence does not just focus onto something else instead of objective truth. No, it directly evolved so you live in your own construct of reality that is sure to be the very opposite of the truth wherever it is vital to your social functioning.

The most difficult with the issue of deception and denial is that people think such is either unconscious or conspiracy. But it is semi-conscious. We human apes are masters at sustaining cognitive dissonance. We deceive others and ourselves with pre-meditation yet simultaneously suppress this very fact from ourselves. We cannot believe this, because we deny precisely this, as we think we are one single self, this illusively united feeling, single self, this bunch of inconsistent feelings that is somebody else not just every minute, but a case of split personality all the time.

Theodore Dalrymple said: "In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

Denial is a selection criterion, a price to pay for joining a certain group. Therefore, it is at times preferred that a falsehood is presented even although the truth is on one's side! This is something that took me many years to figure out – Aspergers “sufferers” have much trouble with this aspect: Why would this or that group insist on an argument or fact that is obviously wrong (six million), rather than that argument, which they know is a better, more truthful argument that would make a more acceptable case for their side? Because it is never about rational argument, but about proving who you belong to, which denials you go along with.

IQ-abelism is “the real racism”. It is the “racism” that unites the left and the right, the top and the bottom. I will say it here, the most “racist” thing that has ever been said, so “racist” that not even the worst right-wing racist can agree, because it is the truth that has to be understood if there is to be any progress instead of the usual oscillations between gas-chambers and gulags. Rapper Funk Master Feng on his new album “Six Times Ten to The Power Six or Nix” expresses it with much poetic license as

The White Man is the Jew’s Nigger as much as the Nigger’s Jew!

This is an insult to Blacks and Jews that I cannot subscribe to. Nevertheless, given the underlying correlation with IQ, this statement is a scientifically justifiable, meaningful statement that uses the word “Nigger” correctly and is not an insult:

The White Man is the Jew’s Nigger as much as the Black man’s Kike!

Left and Right are busy with denying the first part, that the White is the Jew’s Nigger. But given the current rise of the right and its hate for the Blacks, I like to emphasize the second part. I will never support the right that hates, that does not put love central, including loving the Negro as a fellow suffering system. Donald Trump acknowledges some right-wing truths, but he has a loving heart.

A commentator questioned how I, the one who usually points out every little mistake, could possibly support Donald Trump instead of destroying his every argument. First, every vote for Donald Trump is another vote against the Republican Party – every vote in this election was one against the GOP. Second, perhaps, if The Donald tried to emulate the usual intellectual half-wit, presenting idiocy dressed up as novel solutions based on established knowledge, feeling the Bern so to say, such would have triggered my criticism, though why care about some US politician. But The Donald steadfastly refuses such. This is why he is a force of global importance since even before he was elected, ensuring Brexit. The Trump Effect now changes the planet. You cannot kill Donald Trump. He lives in all the Farages and Dutertes that are shooting up all over the world like magic mushrooms after a late October rain, right through the cow dung that feeds them, the source of their powers.

The intellectuals unconsciously fear the uncertain future, changes that make it likely that they may be caught admitting a forbidden truth and being subsequently cast by their peers into the despised lower classes. They could perfectly well handle another huge bunch of lies; that is what intellectuals train for all their lives, and so they welcome any alternative, being “with her” or any republican cuckservative. But letting cats out of the bag, disrespecting their (!) establishment, and so fundamentally, … this makes Donald Trump their enemy.

Donald Trump is about freedom of speech, about openness of discourse, about whether you can say what you think must be said in order to make this cruel world a better place. And because of this, it is also about academic freedom. Dear Donald – although you will likely never read this (if not a reader forwards), I say it nevertheless – I propose that you, Donald Trump, should at some point turn toward the sorry state of science, especially that of “social science”, the de-funding of which has been taken seriously in Japan. This may be one of the most important tasks for you, dear Donald, namely reforming the systemically publish-or-perish “peer-review” corrupted scientific community as it is still, in spite of enormous advances by the East Asians, largely a Western construct. You will of course get yourself more scientific advisors for such. Be careful. I neither mean the usual established Ivy League suspects shilling for their own, nor, as some who may misinterpret my mentioning populism perhaps think, bootlicking, smug mass-media sell-outs such as Tyson or Nye or many science bloggers who distort science publicly against their own better knowledge. I mean some of those scientists who are suppressed and rendered almost nameless.

Perhaps if social science is forced to become scientific and to collaborate with complex systems physicists and mathematicians who do not deny the forces of nature, the Black community can be actually helped rather than merely abused for political games. In the US as of now, only Donald Trump has the guts to propose something as bold as this, and he has the negotiating and leading skills to make it work. No need to understand quantum mechanics. What is needed is a sincere, loving heart that nevertheless is able to grab those opportunities that must be grabbed by the pussy by the pussy.


Here you see the racist view from the inside, as his personal space is occupied by an increasing number of clearly IQ-inferior beings. There can be no love, can there?

Surely, a racist can only think of killing them, and he does of course.

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