For my initial article, I would like to talk about what I intend for this blog to accomplish as well as who I am and what interest I have in science as a whole and physics in general.

My name is Kari Wolfe and you can find me in other locales such as my personal blog, Imperfect Clarity, articles on for various assorted subjects and more.  I am a freelance writer and a stay-at-home mother of an autistic three-year-old who is quite the handful.

More to the point, I have a Bachelors in Physics and Mathematics from Marshall University in Huntington, WV, and am in the midst of a Master's in Physics from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

My goal for this blog is to approach different topics in beginning, intermediate and perhaps advanced physics from an academic point of view.  I want to create a source for those students (and simply people who are just interested in the topic) to come and learn and to realize that physics can be hard, but it's also fun and rewarding too. 

Most of the difficulties that I have stumbled across in physics deal with conceptual issues and misunderstandings of both the physics and the mathematics involved.  I would like to see this blog used, from my perspective, as a way for me to ground my understanding and from your perspective as the reader, a way to have a place to go to ask questions and ask for help when you feel stuck.

My undergraduate years were filled with me angsting because I didn't have anywhere to go and no one to ask who could help me with what I needed.

I want to be that "go-to" person for you.

Stay tuned.  Please feel free to comment and tell me what you would like to know or ask questions, etc.!