Eyjafjallajökull - Thats Easy For You To Say !

Eyja   fjalla   jökull

It's not LL as in miller.

It's TL as in antler.

Stress is on syllables shown in bold.

"Eyja" - island - ayuh as in sayer

"fjalla" - mountain - fyatle with fy as in few, at, le as in rattler without the 'r' sound.

"jökull"  - yokooteel with yo as in yacht, oo as in book, faint or missing final L.

island mountain glacier

It could hardly be simpler.  :-)


The airlines may be losing money over this volcano, but the media is having a ball.

Which proves the truth1 of an old saying handed down from the Vikings to the people of Yorkshire:

"Where there's møkk, there's brass."

1 - see link below for the real origin of the phrase: