I have been waiting for the expiry of the embargo on this story at midnight GMT.  I am now free to publish what I am confident will be a major scoop for scientificblogging.com

IPCC Says: We Give Up

In a shocking new publication - "IPCC: The Final Report" - the IPCC concludes that its study of climate is ultimately futile since so few people are willing trust its findings.

The 10-page report is available only on national government web sites - the IPCC site will be shutting down some time in the next 24 hours.

The report acknowledges the futility of investigating climate by the inter-government agency.

The report concludes:
"Like the 'moon landing hoax' conspiracy theories, the 'climate scam' issue probably will not go away any time soon, no matter what the IPCC does or says."

"The belief that we are too tiny to affect the entire planet is too emotionally appealing and the distrust of our governments is too pervasive to make the issue amenable to traditional scientific studies of rational explanation and evidence."

Still, the report section: "IPCC's Role in the Study of Climate, 1989-2010," makes for fascinating reading.  As also this finding from a global survey of over half a million people, which seems to be a sarcastic comment which slipped past the editorial process: "an extraordinary 99 percent of all literate people surveyed have heard of CO2, but 49 percent of them believe that Al Gore invented it.

Source: BSN - March 31 2010 - 23:59


The IPCC was set up by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) as an effort by the United Nations to provide the governments of the world with a clear scientific view of what is happening to the world’s climate.

What they missed was the simple fact that what a government believes to be needed by a country is immediately attacked by that government's opponents both domestic and foreign as just another stupid scheme to raise taxes, clamp down on freedom and make money for cronies.