This is not an article in my continuing series about the Voynich manuscript.  It is a complaint about plagiarism.

buckrogers2012 is a plagiarist.

buckrogers2012, a blogger on has copied my entire series of Voynich articles into his blog, complete with pictures.

My name doesn't appear as author.

Although there are links to there are no clear links to my original articles, my blog or my name.

Please check where you will see what I am complaining about.

I am grateful when bloggers cite my work in a genuine manner with proper links and attribution.

I am not at all grateful that  buckrogers2012 is plagiarising my articles in order to make money by selling items about the paranormal.

For the removal of doubt, I believe that the Voynich manuscript is just a medieval manuscript and has nothing whatsoever to do with:
the end of the world
predictions of catastrophe
secret societies
etc. ad nauseum.
Or sales pitches, come to that!

I just thought that other bloggers might wish to know that buckrogers2012 is a plagiarist so that they can check from time to time to see if their copyrighted work is being used to make money for a plagiarist.

Oh, by the way, just so that everyone knows, thanks to Google search: buckrogers2012 is a plagiarist.