The ultimate do-it-yourself and hack-your-way-to-happiness magazine, MAKE, recently launched a new section to their Make:Online website just for supporting the at home citizen scientist.

Having just subscribed to the online version of the magazine, I am excited to see the additional resources that Make is developing to actually support the education of amateur scientists with this guide for entering into the world of science at home. The focus at this time is on at home chemistry projects, and will help you take your old children's chemistry set experience to the next level in your garage (or basement, or laundry room).

Even if you are not particularly interested in doing chemistry at home--and bringing in the possibility of causing glass beakers go "Bang!"--the online resource will still provide a valuable educational experience to help you think about the process of setting up an at home lab--for any project--and what all should be considered in the process.

If you have setup your own at home lab, or are planning on venturing into this exciting opportunity of at home science labs, then tell us about your experiences here on ScientificBlogging!

Make: Science Room [ VISIT ]